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Nintendo Switch–Nintendo’s Comeback Story? Price, Launch Date, and Titles Revealed

By on January 18, 2017 in Technology

It’s no secret that Nintendo, in the console business anyways, is on the ropes. Thanks to a confusing last gen naming debacle. most consumers didn’t even bother picking up a Wii U. Nintendo is doubling down on their newest console, the Nintendo Switch.

Last week’s unveiling of the new system brought with it a list of answers for questions that have been speculated on since the console was first announced last year. Unfortunately, the answers weren’t what many hoped for…

The biggest question was that of the price. Nintendo announced that the new system would be $299 USD ($399 CAD). Pricier than the Wii U was at launch and more expensive than many had expected.


The other announcements revolved around the launch titles. Unless you’re a fan of Zelda, this is another disappointment. The newest Legend of Zelda game will be arriving with the Switch, but little else besides that. In total, there will be an underwhelming four launch titles.

A new Mario title is in the works, but likely won’t be seen until closer to the end of 2017.

Despite these misgivings, the system could still go big. The Nintendo Switch appears as a much more premium product than the Wii U before it. A lot of engineering and thought went into the console and it’s revolutionary controller setup.

The new console will hit store shelves on March 3rd 2017.

So far, the reception has been positive. Most reviewers that laid hands on the console praise it’s comfort and quality. The console’s portability, a large selling factor, also appears to hit the sweet spot of being large enough to play on, but small enough to bring along comfortably.

The interest for the console seems promising, and it will likely perform better than the Wii U did before it. Anecdotally, online pre-orders for the console appear to be strong. While Nintendo have not released any numbers, it may be difficult to find one. In Canada, major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy quickly sold out.

Personally, I’m rooting for Nintendo on this one. While the company has a strong nostalgic following, the Japanese firm does have a strong grasp on developing quality, enjoyable games with strong, memorable characters. Let’s just hope that the new Nintendo Switch will help Nintendo hold it’s own for another round with the big players, Xbox and Playstation. Playstation released it’s newest console, the PS4 Pro, last year and Xbox will be bringing their PC-level console to market before the end of this year. Good luck, Nintendo!

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