Pokemon X and Y Mega Evolution

Pokemon X and Y feels dramatically modern and new with its online features. The Player Search System, a communication tool that debuted in Pokemon Black & White, receives considerable upgrades that make playing together a much more stylish experience. You can quickly battle and trade at any time. You can also share a brief video that shows off acquired characters or general traits about themselves. It’s amazing.

As you will create your own unique avatars and creature, the customization is beyond simply picking the gender. It’s more than that and it makes Pokemon a much more personal experience.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y presents an all-new 3D Pokemon adventure that packed with never-before-seen Pokemon. New generation of Pokemon and introduce to an amazing new adventure in a wonderful 3D world.

Boy Trainer House in Vaniville Town screenshot1 Pokemon X and Y Mega Evolution

Mega Evolution

The developer, Game Freak is wisely urged some limitations on that huge upgrade: you can only summon a Mega Evolution once per battle, and not every pokemon can assume one of these altered forms. And there’s an unintentional limitation as well: while battles against humans feel more crucial, the trainer A.I. still doesn’t know how to react to or counter elemental weaknesses. So after a certain point in the campaign, a player with the right pokemon will steamroll through rivals in single-player.

Special transformations can alter pokemon types, and those changes make battles much more essential. Charizard’s and his Mega Evolution, for example, switches him from Fire/Flying to Fire/Dragon, which basically removes his weakness to Water. It adds a potential seventh option to your roster of six pokemon, and the possibilities increase dramatically. It’s doing great.

Pokemon X Y Mega Charizard X Y 624x323 620x320 Pokemon X and Y Mega Evolution


Once again, Game Freak presents the new Pokemon-Amie mode that enriches newfound identity, letting you pet, feed and play mini-games with your team which is your Pokemon to improve their mood. And Charizard will only do the high five.

hqdefault Pokemon X and Y Mega Evolution

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