Price drop on PS3 and PS Vita for PS4 reveal

Is price drop incoming for all PlayStation consoles?

Sony will finally reveal their next-generation PS4 on February 20, at least according to several reports online.

While the possibility of hearing the next PlayStation console is very high, those who are not among seventy million PlayStation 3 owners might be able to grab one up for less expensive than the current retail price, thanks to PS4.

Outspoken video games analyst, Michael Pachter thinks that Sony will drop the price to as low as $199 either at the PlayStation Meeting New York event itself, or at least a few days after.

Pachter believes that the PS3 discount will happen on February 21 and Microsoft to join the party as well with Xbox 360 price cut.

This speculation makes a lot of sense especially for the marketing department at Sony.

With new PlayStation almost confirm to arrive, it’ll be a difficult sell for Sony to price an expensive tag for the PlayStation 3 with the new hardware due to come. According to report, the price for PS4 starts at $399.

Every gamer out there are only a few days away from Sony’s super PlayStation event which will be held at New York City on February 20.

Stay tuned.

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  • Aidil Jamari

    This is good news for everyone!