PS4 Backwards Compatibility With PS3 Video Games

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ust recompile the source code into the new PC-like version.

Native Backward Compatibility in PS4 with PS3

So, anyone has considered this idea?

There has been lots of talk of PS4 backwards compatibility with PS3 titles, that it will only be offered via streaming, because the new PC like architecture in PS4 isn’t compatible with PS3′s cell architecture, etc.

You guys know what people are speculating and predicting.

And it makes lots of sense.

But hear me out: Most PS3 games have most surely been developed on PC hardware (them being multiplatform and all).

PS3 dev kits most likely are used to test builds of the game, not to actually develop the game in them.

Doesn’t that leave the choice basically for Sony to purchase or produce a recompiled version of the game that will work on PS4 hardware no problem, natively?

I’m pretty sure they can even recompile their PS3 exclusives (like Heavy Rain, MGS4, God of War), because most of them surely were developed on PC hardware as well, using PC tools (for example in the 3D & animation aspect, 3DSMax or Maya comes to mind).

Why hasn’t anybody speculated about this option?

Does Sony erase all dev source code once they have the PS3 disc of the game in their hands?

I highly doubt that.

Isn’t recompiling the source code much more simpler process than having to set up servers to make the PS3 architecture version of the game streamable?

I’ll be happy to hear what you think about this scenario I have thought up.

In my opinion, the backwards compatibility “problem” has been overblown way too much, especially considering that this next generation tech leap isn’t as mindblowing as the previous one was.


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  • Christopher Nash

    Nobody has speculated about this option because it would be a massive undertaking for very little reward.

  • slims_post

    recompiling would amount to almost the same as what’s been done in the past with HD remakes, they’re not going to do it and release them for free so how would that let you use your original PS3 game discs?

    “Isn’t recompiling the source code much more simpler process than having
    to set up servers to make the PS3 architecture version of the game

    Not really but I’m pretty pessimistic as to how and when Sony go about this anyway, I’d be surprised if they get it running for more than a select amount of games and I’d be twice as surprised if they have it up at all on day one. colour me skeptical.

    • Guest

      Sony has already stated that Gaikai (the name of their streaming service) won’t launch until early 2014 in the United States. At the start it will consist of sony’s “greatest hits” with the library growing over time.

  • John Zoidberg

    It’s not an issue for me. I have 3 PS3′s and if I want to play a PS3 game I can. I also have a PS2 and still play it.

  • William Perdomo

    Don’t really care that y ill have both ps4 and ps4 plus my tv has 2 HD INPUT SO IM GOOD