PS4 and Xbox One should imitate Steam discount deals

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here’s less need for a second hand market on the PC, since compared to console games PC games are already initially cheaper and tend to get much deeper discounts more frequently on digital stores like Steam, Gamersgate and GOG.

Cheaper games on Xbox One, PS4 expected

And since it’s mostly digital now anyway there’s less of an issue with unused physical copies running out.

If you hadn’t played any Bioshock games before, you could get all three games for €37.5 on green man gaming as a pre-order deal for Infinite.

Meanwhile most console copies of Bioshock Infinite are €60. And the other day you could get the entire GTA series, including GTA 4 and its expansions, for €12.50 on Steam.

Consoles are more and more moving into the digital space now, but the disadvantage of the consoles, even with next-gen era, is that they’re closed off platforms, there’s only one digital store available each for PS4 and Xbox One.

Because there’s no competition with other digital stores on the same platform, there’s no incentive for frequently having really deep discounts.

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