PS4 vs Xbox One – How Many Kinect Exclusives?

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ony isn’t forfeiting anything.

Sony Isn’t Forfeiting Anything With PS4 By Not Including The PS Eye

The system still has motion gaming capabilities with Sixaxis.

The PS3 had it. Barely anyone used it in a meaningful or interesting way.

Every system since 2000 has had rumble in the controller.

Almost no one has used it in a meaningful or interesting way. The Wii-mote. Barely anyone used it in an interesting or meaningful way.

The only game I can think of doing anything interesting with rumble was in Nintendo Land with the Luigi’s mansion ghost game. That was super cool use of it. Honestly the only time I can think it was cool. Anyone else know? Don’t list the controller rumbling when you fire a gun or a bomb goes off. Actually useful things.

People have rejected motion gaming, it seems. I wish Sony did have a bundle, and I think they will they can’t help themselves with bundles, which comes with the camera. But, Sony can only do so much. And, so far, they(devs) don’t care about those “external” things that come with the system. It’s meaningless to them. They have demonstrated it time after time.

Even Nintendo did barely anything with their own systems unique functionality. Zelda and Wii Sports were the only ones that “used” it. Even then, Zelda used a system from one of the Wii Sports Resort games.

How many Xbox one exclusives are doing interesting things with the Kinect? I’m genuinely asking because I don’t know. I haven’t read anything about it. Seems no one is doing cool stuff?

The whole idea of this stuff is always awesome in concept. No one does it. I’m not trying to defend Sony here. I do hope they have a bundle with the camera. At least then the penetration will be higher. But, devs don’t care about this stuff, it seems. I don’t think it is as much of a negative as Paul is insinuating. But, he is someone who is really into motion gaming. As I know from ze podcast.

And, Sony’s controller has some cool new things. The touchpad seems really cool and it’s super precise and sensitive AND they have a speaker on the controller. What’s the over and under (is that the right term for a bet?) that barely anyone uses it? I hope they do because when it isn’t turning valve’s in Killzone 2, it can be interesting to use. Like steering the lightning storm in inFamous. That was cool.

Just some brain droppings. Sound off in the comments and tell me how dumb I am icon smile PS4 vs Xbox One   How Many Kinect Exclusives? I’m kidding. Come one, let’s all hug.

Written by Cinnamon267

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  • saintfighteraqua

    Kinect is still just a gimmick. Gimmicks are fun but people move on and have moved on.

    • Fweds

      Lol keep telling yourself that, Kinect 2 is incredibly powerful and is one step ahead of anything else consoles have to offer.

      • JoltSwang

        yes it is… and nobody wants to dance around like a complete downy just to control a virtual character. So don’t get your hopes up about that gimmicky pile of garbage. and besides, Microsoft basically copied Sony’s PS2 eyetoy so, yeah. Also have you seen the rumors going on about the goverment using them to spy on people? So is that what your saying, the next step of gaming is being spied on? Because if it is I probably won’t get a next gen console. I’m sticking with my PS3 sucka!

        • Petes MaGeets

          While I definitely agree that it is a gimmick, and it’s creepyas hell to think about it alwayswatching, the government has every available asset to spy on anyonethey want to. And now that the DRM policies have been dropped, you can disablethe camera.

          • Krepler

            Why the downvote? It’s true, if the government wanted to spy on you, they most likely won’t want to snoop on a bunch of gamers jacking off but instead listen in on their phone calls like they’ve been doing for the past, oh I don’t know, 100 years.

            Look up telephone tapping and see what exactly the government is able to do, especially with mobile, internet and surely with video conferencing.

            So stop worrying about your precious camera connected consoles and just about every PC in the world nowadays, unless of course you’re a drug or arms dealer.

        • Paris Suleyman

          It isn’t all about dancing around. You misinformed ignorant person.

          • Joshua Morrison

            What is it all about then?

    • Paris Suleyman

      Sorry because you have tried a tested Kinect 2? Sorry Mr. Wizard Sir.

      • saintfighteraqua

        I forgive you.

  • Skeet

    The use of head tracking on Forza 4 was really good I thought, especially when using it with a wireless wheel. It also gave a better sense of direction than using the right analogue stick. And using Voice commands in Forza Horizon saved some faffing with opening the map, finding where to go and setting a marker. My Girlfriend loves Zumba fitness and things that utalize the Kinect. I hope to see Battlefield utalising the voice commands to set attack and defend commands. I do believe the voice commands add a whole new level to games. When they are actually implemented. In Kinwect lies an unlimited amount of Controls through voice alone. I hope now that it’s bundled and refined, we see more games making use of it.

    • Fweds

      Take a look on youtube where they do a voice demo of the Kinect 2, they have a crowded room with all sorts of noise going on and someone who is signed into the xbox sitting at the back talking at a normal level, when they play it back the Kinect 2 has filtered out all the other noise and you can hear that one person speaking.
      No more having to turn things down or people having to talk quiter.

      • Skeet

        You got a link?

    • Paris Suleyman

      Head tracking in Battlefield 4 too

  • Pewpew

    This article reads like a bad forum post

  • heavenshitman1

    This journo isn’t just off the mark, this is blatantly and an utter mistaken article.
    Kinect 2 (if not talking bout PS4s eye), should be included in every SKU. Kinect 1 wasn’t , hence why it was never made proper use for. With a miniscule imagination, world changing ideas could easily be implemented with that device. One puny example I’ve figured would be an internal vitals stats tracker while exercising with XB1 (no extra devices necessary. That’s a revolution. Not PS4s uber main memory bandwidth (that my 3 year old PC almost matches up to).
    And writing off the Wii-mote was just abysmal. Even the Wii can do pointer aim controls in FPSs unlike even PS4 or XB1. Played BOps2 in pointer aim controls on my WiiU. U’ll never appreciate archaic dual analogue again for that genre. Look at GT’s review of Metroid Prime Corruption, and hear what they have to say about it. Also without the Wii-mote a plethora of genre-expanding titles couldn’t have existed, Wii sports just being the first example.
    This journos thinking is the kind of thought process that has made the gaming industry stagnate sales/popularity wise like it is now. Next gen just cant be about prettied up shooters and racers all over again

  • Edonus

    This is what happens when all of your information comes from the Sony Circle Jerks. He doesnt even realize that reality contradicts almost every single point he tries to make.

    For example: He says “People have rejected motion gaming, it seems”

    The reality is the Wii has sold around 100 million units and the console is 90% primarily all motion controlled gaming. The MS kinect has sold around 25 million units in 3 years and has sold as much software as the Ps3s exclusive line during the same time.
    And the cherry on top the Ps3 MOVE was reported to have sold over 8 million components and this was with bare minimum support from Sony. If I was to look at that data I would say the people have spoken alright and they are very interested in motion gaming. Sony only allows there supporters to grow as much as they let them and since they dont really push motion gaming because they are so far behind their supporters have this idea that the rest of the world hates it.

    Then he asks about what interesting things MS is doing with kinect in their exclusives. We have seen this Sony Circle jerk (or SCJ for short) tactic used many times before, the problem is you need to define interesting.. because what is intersting to me may not be interesting to you so that leaves you open to criticize or downplay anything presented. From what I know there are 6 exclusive games that are using kinect in ways I find interesting. I define interesting as things being done in ways I never done them before that could make a different experience.

    I am actually really looking forward to this gen and I am very interested to see what they do with motin controls and other input methods including Touchscreens and touch pads.

  • GmailIsDown

    Sony does not have the technology to build something even comparable to first gen Kinect, and does not have the ability to utilize its PS move as good as the Wiimote, so they gave up and try to downplay its importance. PS Move is a failed product. Even Sony admitted it.

    And the fanboys eat it. It is their loss, really.

  • stavrami

    fanboy here … motion is crud ………nothing more on the matter

  • Paris Suleyman

    What a rubbish article, how old are you? 14?

  • Corellianrogue

    This website is called “Society and Religion”. Judging by the article above the religion must be The Church Of Sonyology, lol! The FACT is that even Kinect 1 was actually amazing, developers (including Microsoft bizzarrely and unfortunately) just have barely used a fraction of its potential and if you don’t believe me just look at all the “Kinect hacks” that people have done on PC and posted on YouTube, loads of those could be used for incredible games that have never been made before.

    Microsoft should have let Xbox 360 Indie Games use Kinect as there’d be loads of amazing games judging by those Kinect hacks, but luckily they’re allowing ID@Xbox indie developers use Kinect 2 for indie Xbox One games so if the big developers don’t step up and use the incredible power of Kinect 2 (which is so much more powerful than Kinect 1) then the indies will and blow people away. Kinect is the future, as long as the irrational Kinect haters don’t have their way.

  • Kaihaku

    I think that the Kinect 2.0 is hands down the most interesting piece of hardware available in the eighth generation. But I thought the same thing about the Kinect last generation and every time I got my hands on…every time I used one I was disappointed by the software. It’s by far the most revolutionary piece of hardware on the market but is Microsoft going to use it to start a gameplay revolution? Unfortunately, I feel that they’re treating Kinect more as a gimmick, an “oh yeah, well we have motion controls too and they’re the coolest thing out there” but I haven’t seen anything in regards to gameplay that shows me taking it to a competitive level.

  • yella

    Maybe playstation and Microsoft should work together and make an X station up the technology and ticket for those of us who can afford it it would be great.