Raining Hate On iOS 7

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere is the only question that needs to be answered about iOS 7: Does it add any functionality that iOS 6 doesn’t have?

Google Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean is better than Apple iOS 7 update

Because if it just has new icons or something completely trivial, I can’t even be bothered to update my iPad to it.

Now before you start raining hate, I know it’s a new OS version and there have to be SOME new features, and I acknowledge that, but I’m saying they need to be, unlike those of iOS 6, meaningful ones. I don’t use a single of the new iOS 6 features.

I use 4.2.2 on a Samsung Galaxy S4 and 6.1.3 on an iPad 3. My iPad works as well as it did 372 days ago when I bought it, but it hasn’t had any software improvements since then.

As of now, Android is the better all rounder. Apple could effortlessly reverse the standing, but my hope of that happening doesn’t seem to be very realistic.

Maybe the light bulb will go off when they make iOS 8.

Apple shouldn’t feel like it needs to stick to it’s old ways just for the sake of sticking to its old ways. They shouldn’t be scared to have bigger screen options, widgets, better notifications, sd card slots, and lots of those types of things. They’re number one in sales, and adding these things would make their lead even larger.

I’m not an Apple hater. I know they could do better. I just wish they decided to.


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  • Maxim∑

    It seems to me like your the only one who thinks Apple is sticking to there old ways in iOS 7, iOS 7 was actually that first step in a new direction for Apple’s mobile software. The changes in that operating system go much deeper than the icons…. I have never heard of someone who didnt want to update there software to the latest version except you. It is also very clear from Tim Cooks D11 conference that Apple is looking into larger display phones. He pretty much is saying its coming out fall 2014. Which interestingly enough is right inline with the release of the iPhone “6″

    Internal NAND flash memory will always be superior to a cheap SD card. Apple does have widgets its not implemented the same way as android but there are some.

    • [anonymous]

      Just thinking about it now, fall 2014 actually makes lots of sense. Apple is not Android and cannot have the variety they have with devices. In 2014, the iPhone 5 will probably become the free iPhone and the 5S will be the $99 one, therefore Apple will be selling iPhones in TWO screen sizes just like they are now. Apple would never sell a 3.5, 4, and 4.x inch phone at the same time.

      • Maxim∑

        yeah I completely agree. Once they get rid of the 3.5in form factors then I think Apple will move onto a larger one. I think they will stop selling the iPhone 4 in September due to its lack of features/hardware on iOS 7 and bring the 4S to 0$ and so on until its only 4in mobile devices then move on to 4.7in or something

        • [anonymous]

          They can go as big as they need to as long as the phone can fit in my pocket. The Note sure can’t.