When is the Release Date of Minecraft PS4?

Minecraft is one of the most successful video games ever created. The game was created by a Swedish programmer named Markus Persson.

Later on, the game was developed and published by Persson’s own company, which is Mojang. The game was first released in the public in May of 2009 and it was in the PC version at that time.

Release Date of the Game

Persson has been updating the game ever since its 2009 release until they have decided to release the full version of the game in November of 2011. But prior to the November release, the Android version of Android was already released in the market and so was the iOS version. Finally on May of 2012, they have created the first ever console version which come in the form of the Xbox 360. Sony also followed and released the Minecraft PS3 edition in December of 2013. Soon enough, the Minecraft PS4 will soon be making a buzz in the industry.

All about Minecraft

For those who have not heard of Minecraft yet, this game allows players to create certain tools and build constructions using textured cubes on a 3D format. The game is highly graphical and lots of activities are involved on the game.

Among these are exploration and gathering of resources, crafting tools and buildings, as well as combat. The gameplay of the Minecraft PS4 edition will be pretty much similar to the original version where there will be two principal modes that players get to choose – the survival mode and the creative mode.

In survival, players will have to look for ways to stay in good health and fight hunger while protecting themselves against monsters. The creative game is where players will be given an unlimited supply of resources that they will use to craft tools and be as creative as they can be.

Console Versions

Prior to the release of the Minecraft PS4 edition, there have been console versions of the game that were released. First is the Xbox 360 version which was developed by 4J Studios. Such version was released in May of 2012 and as expected, it has gained so much popularity among Xbox 360 gamers. What followed was the release of the PlayStation 3 version in December of 2013. And soon enough, 4J Studios will release the Minecraft Xbox One edition and the Minecraft PS4 edition.

Release Date of Minecraft PS4

So now the question that a lot of PS4 gamers are dying to be answered is when the release date of the Minecraft PS4 will be. Unfortunately, there was no confirmation made by the developer yet and not even from Sony themselves. But one thing that the Sony Entertainment can confirm is that they will definitely be releasing the PlayStation 4 version sometime in 2014. In fact, the company is also considering the launch of the Minecraft PlayStation Vita at a later time. For now, what they can tell fans is just patiently wait for the release of the Minecraft PS4 which will definitely be more exciting and adventurous.

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    Ok, Minecraft for consoles is almost just as good as the PC/MAC version.