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Samsung Galaxy Android Phone Is Better Than Apple iPhone

Written by Dan Gleibitz

I’m no stranger to Android. I’ve bought and discarded a wide variety of Android-based devices over the last few years, from TV boxes to cheap tablets and KIRFy mobile phones.

This experience is supplemented, somewhat against my will, by tight-fisted acquaintances – for some reason I still get lumped with the setup and support jobs for friends and family who ignore my best advice and buy cheap Android phones.

Case in point: in the last few months my sister in law and my aunt bought cheap Samsung Galaxy phones.

One is a Samsung Galaxy Play, the other a Samsung Galaxy Y or something.

These nasties are common here in Australia, given away for free on budget phone plans or sold for $150 or less on prepaid.

The amount of difficulty I had merely entering my WiFi password and their email addresses and passwords was enough to fill me with horror that people are actually buying these, and that they are included in ‘smartphone’ statistics.

They are truly awful devices, and I pity anybody who uses one.

I’ve written all these devices off as a waste of time and money. You buy cheap, you get cheap. And nasty.

Last year I bought a Nexus 7, having read glowing reviews both on The Verge and from Apple stalwarts – MG Siegler, John Gruber and others. I’d long been a fan of smaller form-factor tablets, and Apple had not yet produced one. So it was a day 1 buy for me. The best hardware running the latest Android build for a couple of hundred bucks? What could go wrong?

My sample was physically excellent, suffering none of the hardware issues that plagued early units. As expected, I found the smaller form much better for reading and lugging around. But it was very soon apparent that it wasn’t going to replace my iPad.

I found the janky scrolling irritating. I couldn’t type on the on-screen keyboard without it having a minor fit and inserting strings of random characters (this was fixed some weeks later). I couldn’t properly select text for editing within text-boxes on websites because Android’s interpretation of my taps and swipes lacked the context-awareness that made these tasks a breeze on iOS.

But that was nothing compared to the apps. Many apps I tried to download told me they were not compatible with my device. Not compatible with the latest stock Android running on the latest Google hardware? Eh? Others downloaded and failed to launch. Two others worked fine, until an automatic update rendered them unable to open, and several weeks later, unfixed, were deleted. I’m not talking backyard apps here, I’m talking Ski Safari.

The ‘scaled-up phone apps’ complaint is both real and valid. I found most apps simply stretched small menu items and buttons that would work fine on a small screen across the much bigger screen. Fine, I guess, but then what’s the point of the larger screen when the same app shows the same amount of information on a smaller screen, without looking so bad?

I wanted a simple match-3 game, addicted as I was to Bejewelled 2 at the time. Bejewelled was on the Google Play store, but again, ‘not compatible with your device’. I side-loaded a pirated APK, which ran, but the graphics were glitchy and corrupted. So I looked for alternatives, and found many. None were very good. But what really bugged me was that the scaling issue was drastically worse. Bitmapped graphics for backgrounds and gems were stretched indiscriminately to the larger screen, looking blurred and low-res, and mechanics designed for the smaller screens just didn’t work well scaled up.

The big problem though, was that I couldn’t get stuff done with Android. Google’s first-party apps were mainly superb. Cross-platform apps were mostly okay, where they existed. The Kindle app, for example, though lacking compared to its iOS version – more on this later – did what it’s supposed to do, as did Rdio (though the audio output from the Nexus 7 is rotten) and Twitter. What let me down was the lack of high-quality apps I’d become accustomed to using on my iPad. There wasn’t even a decent dropbox-syncing text editor, a simple niche that is filled many times over by top quality apps on the iPad. And I hadn’t realised how much I relied upon some iCloud apps until I didn’t have them – iMessages, Photostream, Music Reminders, and iCloud Backup.

And so, within a few weeks the Nexus 7 had become nothing more than a Kindle reader, and since the iPad mini arrived, it hasn’t even been touched.

The Nexus 4:

I bought a Nexus 4 a few weeks ago. We needed a second mobile phone in the house, as my wife’s employer decided she didn’t need a new one and her ancient Nokia had broken. I was waiting to trade my iPhone 4S for an iPhone 5S, and couldn’t justify the steep price of an outdated iPhone for only a few months of use. So I ordered the Nexus 4 – The best hardware running the latest Android build for a couple of hundred bucks? What could go wrong? ( I know, right?)

As it turns out, very little. It’s a very nice device.

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  • Dana Foote

    Did you use a Delorean or the TARDIS to get an iPhone 5s? You are an technology expert apparently. You’re sideloading pirated apps, don’t want to pay and complain about the quality?

  • James

    terrible terrible article the iphone 5 sucks compared to the galaxy s4.

  • Jewggggggg

    sounds like he is dumbed-down into using iOS and doesn’t like Android because he doesn’t know how to use a device to its fullest

  • Eye4Detail

    Not usually a Society and Religion reader but this popped up in my news feed, so I figured I’d give it a look.

    3 pages of whining and embellishment later (yes, I actually subjected myself to the entire thing), I can safely say that I won’t be coming back. This was a pathetic rant, at best.

    My only hope is that anyone else who takes the click-bait will scroll down to the comments first and save themselves a few minutes (and several brain cells) by avoiding this garbage.

    • TheWenger

      Exactly what I did. Thanks.

    • John Zampier

      Ditto. I usually make a point to go to comments first when I see a ridiculous headline like this one. If you hadn’t posted this. I would have posted something similar. Thank you sir.

    • John Zampier

      I’m just realizing now that this is a regurgitated article from a month ago lol

    • FelschR


    • dlm11133

      “My only hope is that anyone else who takes the click-bait will scroll down to the comments first and save themselves a few minutes (and several brain cells) by avoiding this garbage.”

      Exactly what I did and your comment was the first I read which saved me a lot of time. The iPhone has not done anything since the first iPhone, the rest of them just have window dressings. I have been waiting to get rid of my 4S since 1 month after I received it. Looking forward to my GS Note 3, trying not to settle for the note 2 as I can’t wait to get rid of my tiny 4S in September.

    • abqnm

      Yep. That just about covers it. Except for a few things. How does the unreleased and unannounced Galaxy Note 3 play into this? It isn’t even mentioned in the article. It has a rendering of a concept Nexus 5 as the title graphic, an unreleased phone in the title, and neither of which tie back into the point he is making or are mentioned at all.

      I am sorry to say, but this was the most incomprehensible, off-putting and poorly written rant? Opinion? Commandment? Not even sure what to call it.

      Here is my attempt to duplicate it:

      Why the iPhone 5 is better than a leprechaun.

      I love Apple. My iPhone is the best thing I have ever seen. Ever. Nothing about your Galaxy phones will ever beat my Apple. I complain because the crappiest device sold on the market is not good. It runs Android, so it is virtually identical to a Nexus 4. A Nexus 4 is good at a lot of stuff, but I don’t like it so I am saying it is evil. It actually worships the devil. It is also trying to constantly escape my hands because it is glass on both sides. Who does that? Why put glass on both sides? It just makes it too slippery. Another reason for the iPhone 5. Apple would never do something do dumb. So in summary, the iPhone 5 is better than the Samsung Galaxy Y, which is why you should never sleep in a hot car in the summer.

      Oh, and I pirate apps for my tablet and complain when they don’t work well. And I complain that a process to hack the devices is too complicated on Android and should be easy to hack like Apple devices.

    • Jokeauthorwrotetheabove

      Can we get this article renamed to “When an Impatient Moron Meets Android” ?

    • setzer715

      Man I wish I had.

  • Kyle

    I only read this because it’s hilarious.

    • Becky

      Precisely! I needed some entertainment & a brief laugh while “attempting” to get some reports done for work!

  • Brent Dubeckyj

    I wouldn’t know where to start to dismantle this bung but suffice it to say if you were surprised to learn that you in rooted your phone after you installed an ota stock update over your root then you don’t deserve a verbal slapping.

    But as a writer you should be somewhat slapped:

    Don’t blame android because your favorite iPhone devs don’t make android versions.

    Half your b1tching could be resolved if you ever read, researched and deployed.

    Even if you bought the app downloading the pirated version is illegal. Titanium backup or Carbon would allow you to backup a legal copy of your app which you could restore on other phones.

    Google has an incredible cloud computing system which you obviously haven’t researched. Chrome book? Hello? Google cloud can almost match every apple cloud program and although missing some google has services that apple doesn’t.

    Responding to this was as much of a waste of my time as reading this whiny under educated crap.

  • Justin McNairy

    Horrible article! Lol calling Galaxy phones cheap…my Galaxy Note 2 16GB worth $299 with 2 years contract compared to iPhone 5 16GB for $199.99 so what the hell are you talking about? Even Galaxy S3 and S4 worth a lot lacking contract so your argument is invalid.

    Beside, if you still calling android phones cheap, then how about this, the cost to build an iPhone 5 is around $200 each. Apple raised the price between $600 to $700 and sell them to consumers to make 3 times more money! Apple is a greedy company, more greedy than Samsung.

    • Andres Galvan

      You don’t get what he’s saying… What he means is that Android gets a bad rap by cheap budget phones. There ARE low-end Galaxy phones. “Galaxy” means nothing, just that it’s a Samsung-made Android device.

      A lot of people don’t know the difference between “the Galaxy 4″ and other phones with the Galaxy name, because let’s face it: Samsung has kept almost the exact same design on every single device it’s made in the past 30 months, budget and flagship. It looks like “the Galaxy” and says “Samsung Galaxy —” on it so they expect it to be as good as the Note and S lines. When it isn’t, they throw away their $150 off contract phone that was never meant to really be anything special and trade it for a $700 iPhone and blame Android for not their not knowing they bought a purposely crappy phone. The reason iPhones don’t have such a bad name is that all iPhones are high-end devices. The same can’t be said about all Android devices.

      I’m not saying it’s just Samsung that’s to blame here, but they are the ones who pump out 10 budget phones per month around the world. HTC, LG, Motorola, and others aren’t as good as Samsung is at dirtying the Android name when it comes to budget handsets.

      • Justin McNairy

        How are latest Galaxy phones low-end when it still expensive with a high-end specs except the previous galaxy models which is selling for cheap? It still the best selling phones ever sold even the older models. There are no regret when people used Galaxy devices and they have the ability to do pretty much anything the iPhone can’t. iPhone are not high-end due to specs and the ease of use in iOS (Hell, even my 1 year old cousin can operate an iPhone with no problem because of how easy, simplicity the iOS can be). Android is a computer-like OS far superior than iOS which limited your ability to do anything.

        • Andres Galvan

          You still don’t get it. There are other Galaxy phones that have launched recently that are not high end, there always have been.The Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 were by far not the only Galaxy phones released last year. You think that the Galaxy S 3 was the only Galaxy. You have absolutely no idea about all the 30 devices Samsung released each year. There’s the Galaxy Y, Galaxy R, Galaxy Core, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Mega, among many others. Hardly any of them are big sellers, and every one except the GS3 and GNote 2 are either midrange or low-end. Samsung isn’t like Apple who only releases 1 or 2 devices per year. Just this year, they have released about 15 Android phones snd tablets so far, most of which are midrange or low-end.

          • Justin McNairy

            I know Samsung released a large amount of devices. The reason Samsung released a 2 mega devices which 1 sport 5.9 inches and 6.3 was because they want to see which one will have the most sold and to use it for the next Galaxy Note series (My theory).

            Beside, not every phones available in every continents. The only high-end devices are the S3, S4 and Note 2 since it sport a quad core and can run a high quality games, unlike iPhone 5 which is still mid-end due to specs. Quad-core is better than dual-core.

            For me, I am not interested in S series for I only focused on Note series (Currently Note 2 owner). It not for everyone for there are some people want smaller device, some want just about right, some want a big phone and Samsung bring it all. Beside, even with all the devices released, Samsung is still number 1.

          • Andres Galvan

            First off, I only listed the Galaxy Mega once, but you’re right, there are two of them. What you were saying was that Galaxies are high end. You corrected yourself just now.

            And no matter how much you believe it, the One beat out the GS4 in terms of a better all around device. On 95% of comparisons or “Best Phones” articles, the One is number One. And as long as the One Max can deliver on the battery front like the One, it’ll trump the Note 3, too. Samsung is not the best this year, sorry.

            Into that iPhone comment. I can very easily play fast games on my sisters iPhone 5 without a quad core processor or 2GB of RAM. That’s because iOS, like Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10, isn’t very demanding on the hardware. With Android, even though there really isnt much need for 4 cores outside of gaming, dual cores can still lag from time to time. Some OSes are just more reserved than others.

          • Justin McNairy

            As a developer, some high-end apps available in appstore for specific iPhone are tweaked to take advantage of the dual core in the iPhone.

            HTC One and S4 have their advantages and disadvantages. My cousin have HTC One and it is nice but not much of a features. S4 is a waterproof device and you can even operate it without touching the screen. I say One have the best camera. Look good.

            Galaxy Note 3 will sport a dual quad-core (Which is 8 cores), possible 3gb of ram which blow half of the PC out of the Window. With a unique stylus pen, no phones can beat that.

          • Andres Galvan

            The games can still be played on “only” 2 cores with no issue. iOS doednt need as much horsepower as Android.

            How does the One have no features?? BlinkFeed? BoomSound? Zoe? Highlight videos? And Sense 5 is much more sophisticated than Touchwiz, that still looks like a child’s toy. Besides, the Galaxy S4 IS NOT waterproof. The Galaxy S4 Active is, but it’s an AT&T exclusive, so I’d hardly call that the real deal.

            About Air View, when will you ever need to not touch the TOUCHSCREEN? Most of the GS4′s “features” are half broken, and the experience faster if you disable them, or else it lags terribly. My One has only lagged once or twice since I got it on launch day at AT&T.

          • Justin McNairy

            I aware of some of the features offered on HTC One. I stated not much of a features. I want a powerful phone that can keep me busy through everything, not an iPhone 5 with a decent specs.

          • Justin McNairy

            Depending on specs, some Galaxy devices are ranged from low to mid ends. I only chose Note series because I am only interested in phone with a powerful specs which included the stylus pen.

  • kEiThZ

    These are more fanboy complaints than legitimate user complaints. Seriously, how many people really care about how the icons look or would go through the trouble of rooting the phone just to install the stock browser over Chrome.

  • John Zampier

    Hey, was the setting for the keypress sound under settings –> sound? Yeah, it was you friggin’ idiot!

  • Branden Love

    that’s funny that must your hits come from people running Android that have something like Nexus 5 their newsfeed. I clicked on it expecting a punchline. IPhone 5 lol that’s cute

  • Justin Bieber

    I stopped reading here: One is a Samsung Galaxy Play…
    “These nasties are common here in Australia, given away for free on budget phone plans or sold for $150 or less on prepaid.”

    The Samsung Galaxy Play cannot be purchased on a discounted price. It can only be purchased on the Google Play unsubsidized. It costs $649 and hasn’t even started shipping until July 9th!!!!

  • BHBoyg

    You’re clearly just an apple fanboy. Or maybe even an apple plant. No real journo would try and compare an outdated apple product with 2 devices that haven’t even had their components confirmed yet. Hell, nobody knows who’s even making the Nexus 5. I hope you write more competently about actual social issues and religious matters as this article was poor at best.

    Incidentally, if you can’t find the haptic feedback options in about 20 seconds flat, you’re no real tech head.

    I’m now going to block your website from appearing in my news feed. Good job.

  • Laurent Fournier

    even if this was partially true (ehm, this isn’t, obviously) haven’t you missed some important point?

    “if you want an ios phone, go buy some mid-range old iphone or some crapy last-gen
    but if you want an android stuf, check on an impressive range of hardwares/prices”

    how can you compare a single hardware to a complete portable OS with many manufacturers who works with it?

    first and last time i ever read this website…sorry Eye4detail to not have read your comment before…i hope i would (and sorry for my poor english as well)

  • Jonathon

    What is this stream of verbal diarrhea??? Any idiot can see the iPhone 5 is by far the worst phone on the market (except for a BlackBerry) I hated the iPhone 5 when I had to test it for two weeks, it was way too light, scratched too easily was slow and BORING. Above all however, I felt like a right idiot holding one next to an S4 user… Knowing full well that he was carrying a phone 100 times better. In other words, “reporter” your a complete, childish, ranting IDIOT.

  • Sahil Jain

    i don’t think iphone 5 can beat nexus 5.i think never,the features nexus 5 have are incredible.hae you ever heard 4k video recording in any smartphone.i have found these exotic features about nexus 5 here. http://www.nexus5usdotcom

  • Marchend Tatiana

    Same here, this is my first visit here, but let me tell you this, the iphone got us all desappointed, the iphone 4s is far better than this so called ne iphone. So don’t you compare it to a Galaxy S4 or a Nexus 5 please don’t get me wrong, no offense meant (just saying)

  • dav

    erm the title of this article is very misleading. The nexus 5 doesnt exist yet and u cant write an article based on rumours. Perhaps stick to writing about religion and society and leave the tech to the people who know what they are saying. Then again u sound like the kind of writer the Guardian (AP) would hire – u could give Charles Arthur a run for his money, but then again so could a 10 year old!

  • lorry

    How does this person even have a job, jeez! Any quality control at this site? who in their right mind could let this be published to be read by the masses! Someone has got to lose their job or at least be demoted, I mean wow!!! Douchebagerry at its finest. Could you imagine this person at a party? Talk about a crowd disperser! Said person should be hired immediately by riot police & given a megaphone.

  • Chrisdroid

    So how much did apple pay you to write such a horrible, inaccurate article? IPhone 5 it’s a joke compared to the note 2, now imagine how sad It will look compared to the note 3.. After this I don’t think I’ll go back to this site even if it comes on my news feed.. Sad and ignorant article..

  • Bob White

    You’re an idiot. All yours three pages of rambling it was confirmed that you’re in depth with anything technological Now we know why you love you iPhone so much. It’s super simple, basic and locked down so you can’t mess it up’ and you can’t do anything with it. They are for Those blindly faithful to Apple and those who are afraid of technology. but, just because the grown up the phone with lots of options give you fits, that does not mean those phones are bad.That just means that you’re not up to the challenge. But many many millions of people are.

    The biggest issue with your review here is that it was inaccurate, out right wrong most of the time, and it showed you didn’t know what you were talking about. i

  • Patrick Moore

    I am sorry but there are some glaring flaws in your Android/ iPhone analysis. first and foremost are a lack of iCloud alternatives. I am a mac user and an iPad owner who happens to also use a nexus 4 that will likely be replaced by the next iPhone and I personally find iCloud inadequate for my uses, including extensive writing for class (Google Drive is practically unopposed in this area) and music storage (again Play music is in a class of its own in this regard) it is also important to note that your experience with rooting seems like you over complicated the task. it would have been easier to install a third party rom such as Cyanogen or Paranoid Android which use the stock browser and offer additional bug fixes and stability enhancements. While I agree with you that iOS is overall superior to Android for the end user, especially ones who want an aesthetically beautiful device to work well over the long term and be immaculate out of the box. I think that your assertions are blinded by your initial bias towards apple and the need to compare them pound for pound which is flawed as different end users are drawn to their respective devices. Regardless of the pissing match between the two platforms I think one edge that the AHA has over apple is that it wants to democratize internet with the introduction and continued deployment of low cost handsets that have transcended financial and cultural barriers. Until Apple can introduce a sub 300 dollar device that holds universal appeal, Google will always be the top dog as well as look like the humanitarian whereas Apple reeks of pretentiousness and elitism.
    tl:dr… Your review was shortsighted and misses the point.

  • Jokeauthorwrotetheabove

    The iPhone is so far behind its Android counterparts, it is almost laughable at this point. Reading people defending the tiny device always gives me a good chuckle. Innovation went to the grave with Mr. Jobs, and Apple may never recover.

  • setzer715

    I am completely and totally confused by this article. You, the writer, title this article why the iPhone 5 is better than the Galaxy Note 3 yet you do NOT mention ANY of Samsung’s Galaxy line AT ALL. You talk about the Nexus 7 (a Google Product Manufactured bye ASUS) and the Nexus 4 (another Google produce manufactured by LG). You do know that the Note 3 is a Samsung Galaxy device, right? Or are you confused and maybe talking about the Nexus 5? I’m so confused on the point of this article I feel dumber now. Thank you.

    This is result of uneducated, unknowing idiot. You sir are the reason reading articles on the web is so painful these days. You should quit your day job and figure out what your talking about before you talk.