Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Gear Specs and Price 2014 – Force to be Reckoned

The smartphone race to the top keeps getting hotter and hotter, and Samsung is certainly near the front of the pack with it’s sleek, sexy tricked-out new Galaxy Note 3 and Gear.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Gear: The Lowdown

With it’s gigantic screen, amazing battery life, and lightning fast processor, the Galaxy Note 3 is a force to be reckoned with. Add the Galaxy Gear smart watch, and you will be rocking the latest look in cellular haute couture (and making your friends green with envy).

Galaxy Note 3 Features

  • Screen: This one is a whopper – 5.7 inches diagonal, to be exact. The resolution has been upgraded from the Galaxy Note II’s 720p to 1080p, resulting in a gorgeous, crisp image.
  • Hardware: The Note 3 runs on a zippy quad-core processor, making it better able to handle multiple apps at once. It also boasts a whopping 3 gigabytes of RAM, so videos and apps are much smoother to view than in the past.
  • Long Battery Life: A 3200mAh battery and USB 3.0 support allow you to use your Note 3 for long periods of time and charge your phone in no time flat.
  • S-Pen & Air Command: When you remove your stylus, Air Command comes to life on your screen. This allows you to access several features with a click, including
  • Action Memo: Take notes with your stylus, and your phone will turn it into text and scan the note for information it recognizes, such as phone numbers.
  • Pen Window: This feature allows you to draw a window and choose an app to appear within that space.
  • Scrap Booker: Scrap Booker lets you capture websites, images, or anything that catches your interest and organize it into a Pinterest-like page.
  • S-Finder: Use S-Finder to search your phone for anything and everything.
  • Multi-Window: This is where a huge screen becomes an asset. The multi-window feature enables the user to open two windows at once and use them both simultaneously rather than switching back and forth.
  • My Magazine: View news feeds, social media, and text alerts all in one place with a simple upswipe.

Galaxy Gear Features

While a bit bulky, the Galaxy Gear smart watch is an incredible innovation. With bluetooth technology, the Gear connects to your phone and allows you to control music playback, receive notifications, and tell you the time to boot. It also includes a camera, two microphones, and a speaker, so you can conduct phone calls à la James Bond.

Galaxy Note 3 Specs

OS: Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean)
Weight: 5.9 oz
Processor: 2.3 GHz quad core
Diagonal Size: 5.7 in
Camera Resolution: 2MP (front)/13MP (rear

Galaxy Note 3 & Galaxy Gear Prices

The phone itself will cost you anywhere from $299 with contract to $725 for full retail price. The Galaxy Gear is priced at $299 by itself, so the two together will run over $600.

While the pricetag may be high, the features of the Galaxy Note 3 and Gear are way up there on the cool factor scale. If you want the latest in technology and like to stay ahead of the curve, the Note 3 and it’s little friend may be the perfect solution for you.

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