Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Price and Specs – Best Small Android Phone 2014

When the Samsung Galaxy S4 was released, there were certainly some ripples on the phone markets because of the maiden features the phone had brought on the smartphone scene.

Little did the public know that Samsung Electronics were not done with the technology showcasing! You now have the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to give you a little of a choice dilemma. The new release is almost a replica of the Samsung Galaxy S4, but differs in portability design mode. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is a smaller version of the former. It was particularly aimed at users who need to move with a device in their pocket all the time. The phone fits comfortably into your palm and pocket. It is also light enough to be carried around without the feel of luggage on you.

Features at a Glance

As mentioned above, if you have the Samsung Galaxy S4, then you will probably have a clue of how the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will look like. It looks sleek from the exterior and opens up to 4.3 inch HD AMOLED display and a high end processor. Who would beat this limit in display algorithm! Our guess would be that there is hardly any device in this range apart from the maiden Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. You can only have your eyes to blame this time round, because the clarity of text, static and motion images splash on the screen with crystal clarity without twitching your eye even a little bit.

This amazing phone is definitely a welcome alternative for users who prefer smaller models. Two models, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and Samsung Galaxy S4 look and function more like little and elder brother. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini offers outstanding performance levels and is fast in picking up your Touchscreen commands. It also features an extremely fast processor and sufficient memory to store all the stuff you need. The high resolution camera system of the phone is in a class of its own and offers crystal quality images you could print and frame or retain them in the robust memory, for future use.

Accessible Memory

Although there is a robust memory space that the phone comes with, the users should not be confused if the individual usage does not coincide with the default memory status of the phone. The reason for the seeming difference is that the phone system files and programs are also stored in the default storage space of the phone. Ultimately, the user will only access the balance of the space after system files have occupied a portion of the total space the phone comes with and just like its predecessor S4, the internal storage capacity is quite less in this mini version as well.

User Memory Differences

The user memory of the mini smartphone varies according to the region in which the phone is sold. It may also vary on the basis of carrier or the supporting language of the phone. Note that the memory may also vary on the basis of a software upgrade. Memory differences should not cause undue alarm and suspicions of fake models. There has not been any known case of an imitation of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini at the time of writing this article.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is leveraged quite fairly with the market demand and the features that customers would find high value in. It is definitely a worthy purchase, especially if you have a knack for small phones.


In Rupees – INR 24710.66

In USD – $ 398.16

In GBP – £242.02

In AUD – $ 449.95

In Singapore dollar – $505.11

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