Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Price List 2014 – Get The Best Deal

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is a fantastic tablet that is available in two sizes, the seven inch and the 10 inch version.

The two devices are very similar aside from their size, both allowing the user to do anything from play games to watch movies to browse the internet, all in a portable, user-friendly device. If you are looking for the best possible deal on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, you have options. Read on for more details.


At Verizon Wireless, you can pick up a 10 inch Tab 2 with 4G capability for $349.99 with a two year contract. Month to month will run $449.99, and this is for the 8 GB version. The smaller seven incher is $199.99 with two year contract or $299.99 without a commitment.


Sprint offers the 8 GB 10 inch Tab 2 for $349.99 or $449.99 with and without a two year contract, respectively, just like Verizon does. They currently are not offering the seven inch Tab 2 on their website.


At AT&T, you can grab the 8 GB 10 inch Tab 2 for $299.99 with a 2-year agreement, making it the best priced among the four major service providers. If you opt for the installment plan, you will pay only $22.50 a month for $20, which is a great deal for those not looking to spend a lot of cash up front.


T-Mobile carries the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for $19 a month for 24 months or $456 full price. They do not offer the smaller 7 inch version, either.

Best Buy

Best Buy generally has pretty good prices where tablets are concerned, and the Galaxy Tab 2 is no exception. As of January 2014, Best Buy is selling the 8 GB version of the 7-inch Tab 2 for $189.99. The 16 GB version of the larger 10 inch Tab 2 is $299.99. Both of these prices are for the Wi-Fi only versions of the tablet, but the 4G capable versions compatible with the major four service providers are also available from Best Buy. The prices are usually fairly similar to those above, although at times they are significantly more or less. Be sure to check both places before making your purchase.


While the non-4G versions of the Tab 2 are fairly affordable, the 4G versions can be quite pricey. Look for the prices on these devices to go down soon, though, with the introduction of the newer Tab 3 becoming more widely available. The Tab 2 is a great companion to your smartphone and PC, giving you a lot of portability without having to squint at a tiny smartphone screen or lug around a laptop. If you can afford it, the 2-year contract deals will cost the least amount overall, but the payment plans are good choices for those who don’t have the money for a large initial investment but won’t have problems with an increased bill for a while. The Tab 2 in either size is a great alternative to the iPad, and whichever plan you choose, you will probably end up spending a lot less on it in comparison.

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