Samsung’s Monopoly: Make More Money From Android or iOS?

[dropcap size=dropcap-big]W[/dropcap]ill this cause more fragmentation? No – exactly the opposite.

Look – one of the few remaining arguments against developing for Android is ‘fragmentation’. Not just screen resolution, but hardware features.

It’s a bit of a false premise though because while there are a lot of companies making Android-based devices – most of them represent very small fractions of the market. But collectively, they add up to around 40% of the entire market. Samsung represents around 40% all on their own. The remaining 20% are HTC, LG, Acer, ASUS, Motorola and a few others.

So, if you’re a developer and you want to hit 100% of the Android market, you’re in for a hell of a ride and prepare to spend a lot of money. Or – you could do exactly what companies that decide to develop exclusively for Apple do: go for the biggest slice and not try for 100% because after that, it’s diminishing returns.

By choosing JUST Samsung (or maybe Samsung and one or two other top tier Android developers), you get 40-50% coverage but only 2-4 platform variations which isn’t that far off developing for iOS.
Develop for Samung AND Apple and you’ve got almost 70% of the Smartphone market and 60% of the tablet market in just two platforms and two vendors.

It would also put pressure on Google and the other vendors to fall in line on the big picture stuff with Samsung – which would reduce fragmentation. This is comparable to Sony’s influence on PalmOS. Palm was falling farther and farther behind WRT new features and Sony, not content to wait, just added them in anyway. Eventually Palm just rolled Sony’s improvement into the OS. It was simpler.

So, no – everyone supporting Samsung wouldn’t lead to more fragmentation – it would almost certainly lead to less.

Written by The Werewolf

Apple(ish) Samsung

Samsung has always wanted to be Apple. I know that’s a cliche comment, but what Apple does is very effective. You isolate people into your World, buying only your products. It’s a very profitable way to do business.

And as many folk have already pointed out, they are well on the way to succeeding at this. People buy Apple or Samsung. Android and Google are not part of the equation.

So, to counter this, Google has to get the Green Robot out there.
Remind people that ANDROID is behind the Samsung phones. Remind people that it is behind a whole raft of companies, and that you can switch from one company to another and keep your data and run the same apps.

android.jpg Samsungs Monopoly: Make More Money From Android or iOS?

Written by gregorian

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