Skyrim DLC Even by Christmas Next Year Still Viable Instead of The Elder Scrolls 6

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]S3 and Xbox 360 still has a very large established player base and will still be a very viable market for Bethesda Softworks even by Christmas next year.

Why Skyrim DLC release instead of The Elder Scrolls 6

The companies aren’t suddenly going to “turn off or pull the plug” on current PS3 and Xbox 360 DLCs, they will gradually shift development over a period of time (well, the smart ones at any rate) as you don’t want to gamble on a yet-to-be-proven successful platform against an already installed base platform.

DLCs are a low-risk way of transitioning over while the next-gen (PS4, next Xbox) market size is still being determined and is in a state of flux.

Look at the Wii U for example that a next generation (by Nintendo standards, at least) console can severely under-achieve expectations of sales.

Developing Skyrim DLC content can be an excellent way to train and evaluate new or fresh employees right out of school before tossing them onto the main flagship sequel.

Chances are all the main The Elder Scrolls heads who developed Skyrim are busy on The Elder Scrolls VI – and the DLC is probably handled by a smaller dev team.

Developing Skyrim DLC content is a good way to keep the Elder Scrolls fans happy while they patiently wait for VI.

Of course, you’re also forgetting the current PC market – which the Elder Scrolls series has always been the mostly primary established platform for.

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  • Patapom

    The screenshot at the top of the article reminds me of how underwhelming the graphics are in Skyrim without texture mods and ENB.

    • Dan Smith

      I get the same feeling when I leave the house.

    • Sevrin Caswell

      I don’t have any texture packs or a HD card, yet my game has better looking graphics than the screenshot shown, it must be a pretty rubbish computer they used.

  • Sevrin Caswell

    I highly doubt that the ‘main dev team’ are working on Elder Scrolls VI, they’ll be working on Fallout 4, while the concept team are throwing the Elder Scrolls ball around. Bethesda are not a one trick pony anymore.

  • Shayne

    TES is developed on a 6-year scale apart. Meaning they are no where near starting on TES VI.

    • Nathan Cline

      They are actually trying to get the elder scrolls series out of the way. They put a lot of money just making Skyrim. So they are finishing Online and Wolfenstein, and are trying to push put Fallout and TES VI

  • ThenameiputInhere

    @Patapom, yeah I’m like, “omg is that Skyrim, ahhh my eyes” Wow…

  • ct

    Worst site ever..

  • Saratje

    Nonsense article. The plug has officially been pulled on Skyrim and it’s DLC’s, with the exception of a very small team working on a possible patch for some remaining problems.

  • Alex Romero

    ive been wait for months for elderscroll v dlcs spelice dawngaurd and hearthfire is the only two ive been waiting for, ive been waitng for months there is no way im waitng till after next Christmas if this keeps going like this ill quit the game

  • Please stop writing

    Get the computer version if you want extra stuff, but Bethesda said no more Dlc

    • Nathan Cline

      For Skyrim