Skyrim DLC after Dragonborn release

Are there any clues that there will be another Skyrim DLC after Dragonborn?

Well, Bethesda have said they are not done with Skyrim news this year.

They will not confirm nor deny any questions about future DLC so there is still hope of new releases.

Executive at Bethesda Pete Hines said they had a lot of ideas recently. A gaming magazine seems to indicate they have talked to Todd and that they are working on a big project along with Skyrim DLC.

To be honest though we are little worried about how much time has passed without anything from Bethesda.

Beyond the Redguard trademark we don’t have any other trademarks filed so that means that Redguard is either it, which is very poor attempt because the name sounds like Dawnguard or they aren’t working on a DLC yet.

It’s either going to be a big DLC or they are concentrating on other things before working on more Skyrim DLC’s.

We would like to visit Summerset Isles and the Isle of Artaeum, a DLC around finalizing the Civil War and some side quest(s) with the Psijic Order but also something with that Dragon on Stros M’Kai would be nice too.

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  • fallout4

    1. It’s only been a few months, relax.

    2. Dawnguard wasn’t talked about for at least 6 months before they announced it, and it’s only been 4 months since Dragonborn, so just calm down.

    3. Also, Redguard is the name of a race in Skyrim, so acting like it’s an uninspired knock-off of Dawnguard is uneducated nonsense.


    5. Summerset Isle is as big, if not bigger, than Skyrim, (which took 3 years to make), so it’s guaranteed Summerset Isle will not be the location of this upcoming DLC.

    Stop posting articles, please.

    • Danny Harwart

      I want ESVI to be in Summerset Isle. Just putting that one out there, because it would be awesome!

  • J. Mark

    I’d guess the size of the DLC will be based on how much money the other DLC’s make. Dawnguard wasn’t that big – but it helped pay the bill for the larger Dragonborn. Perhaps Dragonborn is helping to pay for an even larger expansion. One thing I know: if we keep buying it they’ll keep making it.