Skyrim Invisible Chest Glitch For Unlimited Money

We all know about the invisible chest glitch, and most of us know about the glitch to automatically spawn a merchants inventory and gold.

Unlimited money in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

But do you know you can combine the two?

We thought we’d share this with you all, in case you would like to take advantage.

Just to reiterate the glitches for the understanding of all, you can go up to any merchant in the game, and save the game.

After you save the game, if you hit them and reload, their inventory is completely restocked.

This is great for gathering ingredients, selling loads of crap, or in this case getting infinite gold, grand soul gems, and all the other stuff khajiit sell, including valuable enchanted gear.

Simply go to the invisible chest, clear out its contents of whatever you want, walk up to the khajiit that is sellng things in dawnstar, and repeat the merchant glitch we explained above, and loot the chest again and again and again.

Important Note: Said glitch won’t work unless you clear the chest of its contents while the khajiits are actually in dawnstar.

Also, we couldn’t get it to work first time visiting the chest.

It may be because the inventory of the khajiit and the chest are not matched, we are not sure, but whatever the case may be, it is probably best to simply clear out the chest the first time, go to another city, wait two or three days and come back.

The chest will be reset, and you can proceed with the glitch, but again don’t do it until the khajiit are in the city as well.

Happy cheating!

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  • Javon Howard

    Oh my god, stop making “articles” of my posts on this site, please.

  • Aaron Steinbrecher

    If you’re on the PC…

    Player.additem F 1000000

    • Astrid Aki Anessa Andrews

      That’s exactly what I do :3


        I play as a high elf named Master Cheif.