Skyrim News 2013: New Add-ons?

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are no serious rumors just fan speculations being made out to be so.

The limelight of Skyrim DLC releases this year

They renewed the copyright on the word Redguard as they already have a game of that title. The also have an accompanying graphic novel or comic for that game which you can download.

The idea of them calling an add-on for Skyrim the same name is so unoriginal that the idea is just plain daft.

We doubt very much that the renewed copyright on “Redguard” has anything to do with Skyrim and to be honest it doesn’t as Redguard material is better kept for a full game set in the whole of Hammerfell where they get their own limelight.

Rather have “Skyrim” stayed centerd on Skyrim. The chance of the DLC being in Stros M’Kai is also of very little chance as the island is on the opposite of Hammerfell and add-ons tend to adjoin to the main landmass.

There was a possible leak saying the team are working on a massive expansion that finds a new High King and delves deeper into both Falmer and Dwemer lore and the origins of Skyrim as an Atmoran colony.

A developer said there was some truths to this.

If this is the case we would place our bets on either High Rock, Atmora or the Nord island to the east of Solsthiem that was one annexed into Skyrim.

If by any small chance the expansion takes us into High Rock and the Bretons (which as a province is much smaller than Skyrim so is a large project but is achievable), then it would certainly carry on the story and lore behind the childhood of Talos and his name ‘Hjalti Early-Beard’.

Again all this is just fan speculation as no new land mass has even been mentioned.

There is also the possibility of Orsinium added as a city sized DLC. Nothing rumoured but the fact that it has been moved just across the border and we have Orc strongholds in Skyrim seems a bit coincidental and convenient for them not to take advantage of it.


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  • J-d McCowan

    Too much untouched material in Skyrim that will keep us guessing for months until they announce what’s next. With no updates or even a hint, I’m putting my bets on the large expansion you mentioned. Would be nice to have something Hearthfire-size to chew on while we wait though…

  • Kyle

    Ad whore. Stop flogging a dead horse. You know full well that no more DLC is being produced for Skyrim, stop trying to grab hits with useless information. P.S. This article was horribly written. Did you pass remedial English?