Skyrim Next Patch and The Archery Perk

Is Destruction perk overpowered?

Skyrim Next Patch and Destruction Perk “Impact”

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s next patch need to add some balance to the Destruction perk “Impact” right now it can stagger any opponent, regardless of size, so in some sense it breaks the game and makes being a mage stupidly easy.

In the Archery perk there’s a perk that makes enemies stagger some of the time, and only of a certain size.

We feel that if Impact worked more like that it would even out.

We enjoy having the stagger ability there, but we dislike how it triggers all the time, especially on things such as Dragons and Giants where warriors and rogues would normally have to go toe to toe with them without having that ability there, while a warrior could take it, a rogue relies on distance.

Reducing stagger chance to 50% like archery would be good, though they need to balance it out with a better destruction system overall.

They would need to redo the entire tree, and we can’t really see that happening.

Just our thought on the perk, and wanted to raise it if anyone felt the same.

Skyrim’s balance is just terrible in general.

If you remove the constant stagger that ‘perk’ provides, you must buff the damage to the spell to have a viable chance at actually killing the target.

Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy having the stagger there, we just dislike how often it activates, so it’s not just a case of “if you don’t like it don’t use it” because we do like the perk, we just dislike how much of a player handicap it gives me.

Although all that would bring is more reloads from instant death for players who play pure mages on lower levels (when they have no other means to repulse an attacking enemy yet).

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  • John.

    You are all retarded.

  • ericmunson95

    The impact perk is the main reason for going destruction. The master spells take about 3 seconds of immobile, uninterrupted time to cast and does 322 MAX at point blank with firestorm. Sure a warrior can’t stagger lock a dragon, but with two handed you can easily achieve 150 damage a swing without using exploits and that hits 3-4 times faster dealing much more damage a second. Also the shield bash staggers a dragon 100% of the time while they use breath attacks. There also is basically no way to boost destruction damage. You can use potions sure, but all other weapons have smithing, potions, and enchanting. Crossbows also stagger 100% of the time except for dragons and maybe mammoths. Before removing impacts ability to stagger a dragon they better allow more ways to boost damage because as it stands 300 damage on a dragon with 4000+ health while also taking 846 points of your magicka leaves you no way to kill that creature unless there is a rock to hide behind. It annoys me more how Destruction damage doesn’t scale than how I can stagger a dragon if I try.

  • elec

    What’s the point of downloading this patch? No more dlc so…


      to fix the existing issues in the main game.

  • Gruntsvigalots

    Are the official Bethesda patches to Skyrim V?
    I just can’t see loading a modder patch when I read the notes as they create more bugs. Well for that matter does Bethesda patches do the same damage? I’m curious to know what others are experiencing?