Skyrim VI: No More Fourth Skyrim DLC

  • brandon riches

    That’s not right so far all evidence points to them announcing another dlc after all if it follows the same pattern as other Bethesda games then we are due another dlc to be announced shortly

    • SpartanWarrio_628101

      Also it is too soon for a new elder scroll game

      • Chris Creveling

        I agree. It took them 5 years (2006-2011) to release Elder Scrolls V. It would seem that the new engines that are being developed for next-generation consoles are focusing on making development cycles faster however (see the tech-demo commentary for Unreal 4). Still, Bethesda has Fallout to work on also, and I believe we’ll probably see Fallout 4 before we even hear a peep about Elder Scrolls VI.

  • Gabriel Guzman

    Also I doubt Bethedsa is fearful of Witcher 3. Regardless of whether witcher is incredible or a disappointment, the elder scrolls has one of the most devoted followings in gaming, meaning its unlikely to shoe players away

  • Andrew Pike

    there are too many factors to suggest that they are not done with DLC content
    1. It’s way too early to announce a next TES game
    2. Elder Scrolls Online hasn’t been release yet so there is no numbers on decisions whether Bethesda should explore MMO options
    3. Redguard? Stros M’ kai? Akavir? Great War DLC? what is the official title of this “suppose” sleeper DLC that’s on it’s way to summer
    4. Bigger than Dragonborn DLC? how big can it get? nation wide? or Continent size?
    5. DLC releases i mean ever since Ps3 gotten their DLC’s it is very hard to renew faith into PS3 users for Bethesda Products so how are they going to exercise their DLC patterns

    like i said before THERE ARE TOO MANY FACTORS INVOLVED i could go on forever

  • B7882

    Exactly. See people who comment on this shit have a way better perspective than whoever wrote those cause I doubt we see an ES game announced for the new consoles this year. And its already been made known there are more things coming to Skyrim this year, at least one more because hearthfire isn’t considered a true DLC, and there’s bound to be 3 main ones. They won’t force a game just cause some stupid witcher 3 game no ones heard of made comments saying they think their games better. First of all, you better think your games the best, or that shows poor business, but calling out a major like Bethesda is dumb PR. Secondly, where the fuck is The Witcher 1 & 2? Hahaha exactly.

    • Patrick Rousseau

      Are you serious? Have you even played any of The Witcher games?? lol

      • B7882

        The threads not about the witcher, its about the elder scrolls. Why? Cause no one cares about the witcher in here. And no I haven’t played them, nor do I have a desire to, seeing as the first time I heard of any game called witcher was about 8 days ago when I commented on here

  • jaqen

    Will just buy witcher three & elder scrolls VI, nuff said.

  • Dustin Ernst

    I want more to do with the Thalmor after the civil war quest line!