Skyrim Xbox One and PS4 Release Date Latest Update

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ethesda had trouble coding The Elder Scrols V: Skyrim for the current generation PS3, can PS4 avoid similar fate?

Skyrim Next-Gen Performance

To answer questions about whether Skyrim will run better on next-gen systems, it won’t.

Actually it will probably run worse, or not at all.

Console games aren’t like PC games, they’re designed to work only on the console they were made for.

The reason you can run older Xbox and PS2 games on the new systems is because of emulation.

If Microsoft and Sony decide not to include emulators on their new systems then you won’t be able to play your last gen games on them at all.

Case in point, Morrowind for Xbox runs significantly worse on Xbox 360.

Better hardware won’t magically make the game run better; the games are designed to take advantage of only the specific specs of the console.

The PlayStation 4 is an upcoming video game console from Sony Computer Entertainment.

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  • Liquid Waffle

    It has already been said that the PS4 will not emulate PS3 games. But the PS4 could run Skyrim much better. Because the PS4 is basically a locked down PC, it could easily run the PC version of Skyrim with a few modifications.

  • star

    You’re a fucking retard.

    Skyrim’s best release is on x86 on pc.
    Porting skyrim to ps4 is almost copy and paste. It will be the easiest port bethesda will ever do.

    A shit tier AMD x86-64 jaguar and an AMD 7850 gpu …..and you say they CAN’T PORT TO THIS??
    They dont even NEED to port this shit. It was designed for x86+gcn.

    • höbö

      Nerd rage! :D