Skyrim Xbox One and PS4 Release Date Latest Update

  • Liquid Waffle

    It has already been said that the PS4 will not emulate PS3 games. But the PS4 could run Skyrim much better. Because the PS4 is basically a locked down PC, it could easily run the PC version of Skyrim with a few modifications.

  • star

    You’re a fucking retard.

    Skyrim’s best release is on x86 on pc.
    Porting skyrim to ps4 is almost copy and paste. It will be the easiest port bethesda will ever do.

    A shit tier AMD x86-64 jaguar and an AMD 7850 gpu …..and you say they CAN’T PORT TO THIS??
    They dont even NEED to port this shit. It was designed for x86+gcn.

    • höbö

      Nerd rage! :D