Subway Surfers Best Free Download On App Stores

If someone were to describe Subway Surfers, it’s hard not to mention its similarity to Temple Run. It’s typically another version of an endless runner game, but despite the same genre, many people still stick around enough to become addicted to this app.

Free to download, Subway Surfers has a number of distinctions from other games of the same kind. For one, its environment is very colorful and bright. Children will easily get attracted to it; however, adults will also come to enjoy this game once they start playing. If you look at the most popular downloadable games today, you will find that they have at least one similarity, which is their ability to be played without much introduction. Subway Surfers does not disappoint in this definition, making it a desirable game that’s hard to turn away from, the moment you start playing.

Easy to Control and Play

The setting of the game is typically a set of subway tracks where the character runs for as long he can. You get to control the character by swiping along the screen of your device. The subway has three tracks and you can switch tracks by swiping horizontally to the left or right. But this game is not all about running endlessly. You will meet different obstacles along the way and they are enough to grip you all throughout. With Subway Surfers, you don’t just get to run all the way. You need to avoid running into light posts, dodge oncoming trains, jump over or glide down roadblocks. All of which are easily controlled by swiping up to jump or swiping down to slide to pass gaps and of course, swipe from left to right to dodge.

To counter these obstacles, you can collect power-ups while running to give you a better chance of confronting a challenge. The Coin Magnet will help you earn more coins, while the Sneakers will boost your speed. The Multiplier will temporary increase your score and the Jetpack allows you to also temporary collect coins above the subway tracks in a mad dash. Be warned, though, these power-ups are not just lying around the tracks and can be easily picked up. Sometimes, attempting to reach them will only lead you to harm’s way, as some of them are placed on a track where you can be hit with either an oncoming train or an immobile train. But as such, it is children-friendly, since Subway Surfers doesn’t involve blood or anything gory.

Here’s what makes it the best app

One of the best things about Subway Surfers is that in-app purchases are not necessary. These power-ups and other one-time use items can be upgraded with the coins you were able to collect. Because you can earn coins quite easily during the game, there’s no need to purchase more coins and spend real money. Having the option to purchase with real money or not is what sets Subway Surfers apart from other apps and makes it one of the best among the games of its kind. If you’re looking for a different twist on an endless running game, this game is the perfect choice. So be prepared to enjoy and come back for more after downloading this game.

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