Subway Surfers – One of the Best Mobiles Games of All Time

Who doesn’t love an addictive game like Subway Surfers?

There is a lot of competition in the world of gaming because several games are launched every single day. There are too many options for gamers and they have the liberty of picking a game that will suit their taste. However, if you are going by the popularity meter or the trending charts, you will find that Subway Surfers is one of the best games that deserve a special mention.

Subway Surfers is one of those games that has been listed in the top ten popular games and has grossed a massive amount of revenue as well. Made by Kiloo games, Subways Surfers is intended both for the Android as well as the iOS platform. The game has been doing phenomenal business in both these platforms.

Subway Surfers – The Primary Plot

When it comes down to the main plot of the game, it is all about collecting coins as you hop over trains and overcome all obstacles and barriers. You can use many different add-ons in this amazing game. These add-ons come with different types of features and it is up to you to analyze which ones to use and how to make the most out of it. Following are some of the main power ups that you can use.

• Coin magnet helps you collect all coins as they stick to it. Regardless of the lane you are jumping on, you will be able to collect all the coins you see on the screen as long as you hold the magnet.
• Super sneakers help you in jumping over trains. These sneakers have been designed to give you the extra height which not only helps you in making long jumps, but also turns out to be a life saver when you have a train coming in your direction.
• 2X multiplier comes in handy when your aim is to reach a very high score. You will be able to multiple your score by two for the interim during which you have this bonus.
• Jetpack is another add-on which helps you in being air borne and picking coins without the need to dodge any barrier for a specific period of time.
• When you use the power up Mega head start, you will be able to start your game on a high. You will not face any barriers whatsoever and once you have got a good lead, the game resumes as normal.
• Hover board is just like having an extra life as the game resumes even after you have hit a train.
• Keys help you get another life and you can resume your game even after it has ended.

These are some of the main power-ups. You can also go to the shop and use your money for the sake of making in-app purchases. There are various offers that are introduced from time to time and you can buy keys to prolong your life and thereby improve your scores.

Is Subways Surfers One of The Best Ever Games?

There is no doubt about the fact that Subway Surfers is an addictive game downloaded by millions of gamers at the moment. The graphics are very lively and vibrant and they offer various types of challenges that gamers have to fulfill. Further, you get rewards, bonus and a lot more. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that updates and upgrades are launched from time to time. Very often, the destination is changed and this brings a welcome change for the gamers. There have been various themes in the past like Halloween and Christmas.

One can check out the number of free downloads and the reviews that the game has managed to gather in order to pass an opinion on its popularity meter. You can play this game for endless hours and still love it because the overall design, the ease of use, the thumping action are all designed with the touch of perfection. Once you have an android emulator installed in your PC, you can play this game on your PC as well.

Most users who have played the game a couple of times have been easily addicted to it. It is often compared with temple run, yet another coin collecting game, albeit with a different interface and a different developer.

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