Surface Pro 2 LTE Version Launch Imminent, Release Date on the Cards

Ever since its debut, Surface Pro 2 has been revolutionizing the tablet market.

This is because it has a version that is capable of running the latest Windows 8 version similar to a PC. While users go for other tablets to have fun, when it comes to productivity, it is the Microsoft tablet that has been garnering the attention all along. The device seamlessly combines the relative ease and handling of a tablet with that of the productivity that PC users always look for.

It runs Windows operating system. This makes it easy to import all well-known apps including Microsoft Office, Internet Explore among many others. Besides, the tablet is highly portable, has best battery capabilities even though it is powered by a powerful i5 processor, and comes with a Surface pen that is a multi-purpose accessory. If there was one thing that users missed, it was the LTE capability to render 4G internet connection speeds which is mandatory in a time where media rich internet is booming.

LTE Version

The tablet is similar to its competitors when it comes to specifications including a SIM card slot that will allow 3G data browsing on the go. The Surface Pro 2 that is set to be launched with a LTE version will soon land in stores. It is now official because the company has received approval from the FCC board. Microsoft has finally got the word from the required division to make an ARM based surface tablet that will have built-in wireless capabilities. Earlier, the company speculated that it would be launched during the early months of 2014. Based on recent updates released by the company, they are now free to make the device that is being expected by a number of consumers who wanted a tablet with LTE wireless connectivity. They feel it is mandatory so as to be productive on the go and be able to do tasks without having to search for free wireless connectivity in airports.

AT&T Partnership

The original reports from FCC reveal that a 10-inch tablet that has wireless support powered by AT&T has been approved for release. The description ideally matches the Surface Pro 2 because Microsoft earlier confirmed that they would be releasing the new version soon in association with AT&T as well as Vodafone. It is also confirmed that it will only be an ARM based version of the tablet. Whether the company will choose to reveal another product that runs on Intel processor and has LTE connectivity is bit vague at the moment. Most probably, they like to focus on one market at a time and deliver solutions to particular group of audience before moving to power users.

Microsoft may also launch a 7-inch or 8-inch mini version of the Surface Pro 2 tablet. While there is no official word on the same, market conditions will definitely push them to make the inevitable decision. Surface Mini is expected in the spring, but it is yet to be known whether it will have LTE as well.

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  • SvolvaerJoe

    The Surface 2 is ARM, not the Surface Pro 2. Microsoft has said that Surface Pro 2 will not have an LTE version. You should rewrite the story.

  • http://findananny.sg YeeMei

    more drivel from the worst technology blog I have ever come across.
    How does it get into Google Alerts? That’s my question