Switch From Apple iPhone or Windows Phone 8 to Google Android

  • blessyz

    Actually I moved from iOS to Windows Phone

  • Allan

    You complain about Carrier Control yet fail to mention that Apple completely control your device unless you jailbreak it. There are tons of apps available on IOS through jailbreaking that are so innovative that Apple have stolen them for their IOS7 release coming soon
    BTW, I prefer Chrome to Safari on my iPhone 4S

  • Rosani Masau

    Stupid article. You never discussed anything about Windows Phone 8 on how it is vastly inferior to other OS’es. Unlike you an iOS user, 90% of Windows Phone 8 users are happy with their Phones. So I’m not really sure what makes it VASTLY inferior?

    • Yuan Taizong

      Most of this websites anti-Windows Phone articles (that usually praise Linux-Android) have these titles to catch eyes, after skimming them (since they’re not worth the actual time to read) I decide that they’re not worth my time, unlike your comment which has more substance than the entire above article.

  • Phil Ormsby

    Carrier control? On a Nexus 4? What carrier control? My N4 came unlocked and has NO bloatware at all. Sounds like you have loaded it with crapware. Why not just do a factory reset and run stock for a while. Want formatted emails? Try using Gmail…. hint, it’s made by Google, a perfect partner for a, you know, Google phone.

  • Jamie Young

    how does WP 8 have a place on the headline and not BlackBerry 10.2? Personally I do think that WP8 and BlackBerry 10 are the two newest and best OS platforms on the market. BlackBerry is the best.

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