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How to Live With Anxiety

By on July 26, 2017 in General

Anxiety is something that we all live with at one time or another. However, for most people, this form of fear and unease is usually over with after a short period of time. Chances are you did not enjoy the way you felt while in the grip of anxiety; now imagine what it is like to spend most of your waking hours dealing with just such a problem.

People suffering from anxiety disorder find themselves plagued by constant worry and negative thoughts. They typically feel a loss of control in their lives and may even experience panic attacks, which are physically debilitating.

Here are some things you can try that will help you live with anxiety:

See a Therapist

While your anxiety might seem like a mild problem, there is the potential that it can become more serious and even life-threatening. If you experience anxiety regularly, it is wise to see a therapist for an an evaluation. Should you find that your therapist is not a great fit, try another one.

Be Open to Accepting Help

Anxiety can even cause someone to not accept help overcoming their anxiety. Do not let fear defeat your desire to live a happier life. If your therapist thinks you should try medication, do so. If he or she requests that you join a therapy group, try it. Even just the fact that you are working on solving the problem can help to alleviate some of your anxiety.

Learn CBT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a way of stopping those negative thoughts before they overwhelm you. Clients are taught to challenge these thoughts whenever they occur and then through a series of questions, they can come to the realization that the negative thought is not rational and can be dismissed. Done on paper initially, CBT eventually becomes a process you do automatically in your head.