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Ways That You Can Stay Mentally Sharp

By on September 19, 2017 in General

Do you worry about staying mentally sharp as you get older? Very few people are as sharp at 90 as they are at 19, but that is a normal circumstance of getting old. Fortunately, you do not have to necessarily succumb to such issues, even if there is no actual way to completely prevent them. Doing any of the following will help to keep you mentally sharp and none of them require much time or effort.

Watch your diet

Many people in search a quick mental fix will load up on coffee or soda that is full of sugar. While this may be a short-term solution, studies have shown that your memory suffers when your body has chronically elevated sugar levels.

Spend quality time with friends and loved ones

While being alone may provide a nice opportunity to get some reading done, if you really want to keep your brain engaged, you need company. Spending time with friends and loved ones means that you are engaging in conversation, celebrating, playing games, and often doing things that require a good measure of brain activity.


Exercising is not just for your body! Physical activity can also help to keep your brain in shape, believe it or not.

Limit your alcohol intake

We all know that alcohol destroys brain cells, but you have no doubt gotten drunk and then felt no different afterward. The problem is that all of those lost brain cells add up over the years, so you end up having lost quite a few by the time you are older. We are not saying to quit drinking entirely, just cut back a bit.

Try not to worry so much

It is common for people to worry, but doing it excessively is not good for your mind as it causes you stress. It can also prevent you from pursuing activities that improve your mental well-being and growth.