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How to Survive Middle Age

By on August 18, 2017 in General

Have you experienced a midlife crisis? In movies, this is always depicted in such extremes as a staid businessman suddenly buying a super expensive sports car and ditching his wife for someone 20 years younger. In reality, most people who do experience middle age problems don’t have such a reaction, but it can nonetheless remain a challenging time, particularly if you are looking for answers and don’t know where to turn.

Here are some things to keep in mind during periods like this:

Reduce Your Amount of Worrying

Any time in life can cause people to become uncertain about the future, but this issue seems to increase in middle age. Don’t assume that a mild health setback is automatically a sign of cancer, and don’t think that money woes now guarantee you will spend your twilight years in abject poverty.

Do Things You Have Been Putting Off

While climbing the ladder of life, it is common to put off things. You’re busy with work, so you put off spending time with your kids, traveling, or doing other things that can help to enhance you as a person. Now is the time to reshuffle your priorities and get caught up. If it means making up a bucket list, go ahead.

Switch Off at Night

Even if you are in the C-suite at your company, know when it is time to turn off your smartphone and enjoy your evenings in peace and quiet. If your company so badly needs someone to be on watch at all times, find a subordinate to assume this duty. Should there be a genuine emergency, then that person can contact you. Otherwise, they can handle it for now and you will have a look in the morning.

Make the Best of It

You could be dead. Pretty much anything is better than that, right?