New Texture Packs And Skins Packs Slated For Minecraft PS3

Based on the latest twitter feed and images released by 4J Studios, it is evident that a good list of updates is coming to Minecraft PS3 edition.

Players are eagerly expecting those updates because the version on the console is yet to receive features that are already in PC and Xbox versions. Minecraft for PS3 was released just two months ago but Majong and 4J Studios officially confirmed that their entire focus is now on the Sony platform than anything else. They are focusing their human resources on PS3 and PS4 platforms at the moment because their ultimate goal is to satisfy players in these new consoles before moving to others who already enjoy multiple updates. The team of developers answered various questions on Twitter and eagerly answered fans that they are indeed ready with a TU14, the Title Update 14 which is the most anticipated of them all. Besides bringing in a list of new construction materials and traps, it will also introduce desert and jungle temples.

Upcoming Texture Packs

The screenshots released by the developers revealed that they are planning to release a plastic texture pack shortly. They also clarified to the gaming community that unlike other platforms, Sony has a strict closed testing environment and patches cannot be released immediately. Whether the team submitted TU14 for approval already or not was not clearly answered. From what they spoke, one can be assured that it is under process and will soon get approval from the company for an official release.

Chances are high that they might release the PS4 version as well. The rumors reveal that apart from the confirmed plastic, there may also be natural and fantasy texture packs released in a single bundle. If all of them are released at the same time, it’s going to be endless fun for gamers who are addicted to Minecraft PS3 version and are looking forward to some exciting features to be added to their favorite platform.

Skin Packs

Majong and 4J studios also have a skin pack besides Mass Effect, Skyrim mash up packs slated for the release. Whether they will make it to the TU14 update still remains unanswered but you can keep your fingers crossed, wishing it should happen. The skin pack is already available as an exclusive to the Xbox 360 version besides other cross platform skins. If 4J studios should release them, they have to remove the exclusive ones from the update and release the generic as well as cross platform packs on PS3.

Rumors claim there is an exclusive set of skin packs being developed exclusively for PS3 / PS4 consoles which if true, will be a delight for ardent fans. If such an exclusive comes up, it could well be the Playstation All Stars Skin pack. All future releases including texture and skin pack are under testing according to 4J studios statement made on Twitter. So, you can safely assume that the release date won’t be long and eventually the TU14 update will see its release in a while.

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