Top 5 Best Free Calling Apps On Android: Skype, Line and More

Whether you want to cut down on your smartphone bill, have the option to video chat with your friends, or simply enjoy the freedom that these free apps will offer, free calling apps on your Android smartphone is are an innovative and cost effective solution.

Calling apps for your Android like Viber and Skype offer a variety of useful features besides the ability to call your friends and family members for free. Some features include social media integration, free SMS messaging, and more!

If you are looking for one of the top calling apps on Google Play for your smartphone, then continue reading to view the top five apps, their features, and more!

Top 5 Calling Apps for Android Smartphones


Free from obnoxious advertisements and chalk full of great features, the first app on our list is the Viber application. This app allows you to make free video and audio calls between your contacts, reducing your minutes used on your phone and providing you with great features that you can find nowhere else! Additionally Viber has a great user interface, allows you to use cute stickers during instant messaging, and takes your contacts directly from your current address book.

Overall Viber makes it to the top of the list, but it unfortunately lacks the desktop application that some of the lower ranked voice apps do offer meaning one of those might actually be a better option for you if you need that feature.


Skype is one of the most widely used video and voice chatting applications and is available for both desktop and smartphone. Skype can incorporate contacts by adding them from your email or your address book, and you can call them for free to their Skype account. One of the reasons why Skype is not the top feature is because it does not support free calling to mobile phones or landlines like the other applications do. Additionally your contact must be a Skype user as well for you to be able to IM them or call them – though this is usually not an issue as Skype is so widely use.


Third on our list of great calling apps is TextPlus. It is usable both on your PC and on your Android phone giving you greater versatility. Additionally it has a great interface that incorporates contacts from a variety of different services delivering them in a handy contact list with various chat options.


TextFree is similar to TextPlus and is also available for both PC and Android. This does have some apps and lacks the unique ability to add contacts from a variety of sources, but you do get your own phone number. This is a nice feature for people who want to do away with their calling feature on their phone plans altogether.


Lastly we have the Line application. This free app is usable only for smartphone and handheld devices, but it is simple to use, allows you to incorporate cute smilies in your chats, and offers unlimited voice and texting features.

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