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See what gadgets we wear, how we see the world in 2014 and how we interact with each other and with objects in the house.

2014 will be the year that the world will be more attentive to the protection of personal data. It will also be the year new technology, the so-called “wearables” one. It’s the bet of all hi-tech manufacturers in the world. We do not have some glasses that allow us to see into the future, but we will have “smart” glasses that will make augmented reality work.

You guessed it! It’s Google Glass, which will be released in 2014. Google has announced them in 2013 and we had the chance to test. Google Glass will become available since the first quarter of 2014. At least this is what Google promises.

 gass Top Tech Features 2014

But their launch and public access will raise a number of ethical questions of privacy and even security. Can be used while driving? Will you be allowed to wear them to the toilet, for example? What will happen when you film people without their consent? There will be new regulations given by the authorities? All these are just some of the questions that will be answered in 2014.

One thing is certain. Whether we like it or not, Google Glass will revolutionize the way we use technology. However, they will not be the only glasses with augmented reality functions. In July Meta Spaceglasses glasses will be released. They will allow us to see the world in a completely different way. In other words, the 15 times larger area than the one offered by Google Glass could create the first truly fully functional holographic interface. Another utility of augmented reality might address to motorcyclists. Helmet heads-up display has already passed safety tests and gives information about the weather and traffic carriers, navigation, music, mirrors or the function of a phone.

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And we are sure of another thing. In 2014, the market will explode with SmartWatches. Samsung Galaxy Gear was not far from a hit. It was but the first of its kind. There are rumors that the world’s largest IT giants are working on their own versions. We will see in 2014 at the earliest at CES 2014 or MWC 2014 if Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm, LG and Apple will launch its own smart watches. LG is working on G-Arch watch, but most likely, Google will be the first to release since it is already preparing to go to mass production for the new watch, according to The Wall Street Journal.

On the other hand, the most expected launch is for Apple iWatch. That’s the assuming all analysts do and no one knows yet if it will come true or not. We have but a few clues that make us believe that Apple will enter into the dance with iWatch smart watches since the Cupertino Company has hired fashion executives, including former CEO Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Deneva, and now in care of Apple “special projects”. Another clue would be that Apple registered the “iWatch” brand.

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We remain less grounded in the design world. For it seems that the curves will give gadgets a trend next year. LG has taken the first steps with its LG G Flex and curved screen TVs. Speaking of phones, it seems that 2014 will be the year of larger smartphones, phablets. HD and Ultra HD TVs become more affordable. Even Google has begun testing the waters with Chromecast television and apparently they are preparing a new set-top box for 2014.

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Finally, we must not forget another trend: the internet of things. The concept may have been overly promoted in 2013, but until now has lacked the technology to implement it. Progress has been made​​, it is true : smoke detectors connected to the internet, pots that can be controlled by telephone or vibrating fork if you do not eat properly. I would like to see many appliances connected to the internet or home automation devices that can be controlled by smartphone or tablet. Maybe a house of the future will not be close to reality in 2014, but hope for Machine2Machine technology was given by the partnership between Qualcomm, LG and Linux Foundation. They want to create a common language of communication for all home devices.

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