Viber Latest Update Free Download as of January 2014

Latest features of Viber as of January 2014.

Viber has gained so much popularity these days, all because of its excellent call and text messaging features. And the great thing about these services is that they can be enjoyed for free. Because of its popularity, the company behind the app, Viber Media, has released the latest version of this VOIP application for smartphones. This new version comes with so many great features that can help to improve your experience in using the messaging app.

Call to Landlines and Mobiles

One of the latest features of Viber is the ability to call landlines as well as mobile phones. But with this service, users will be charged for a certain fee, yet, the rate is way cheaper than your usual cellular or landline calls. There is no official list of rates yet, although this will pretty much depend on the service provider as well as the location of the user. However, there is a page on their site that actually gives you the option to enter your destination and it will provide the rate for you so you might want to check that out.

Push and Talk

Another interesting feature that the new version has is the push and talk feature. Such feature is also available on other instant messaging services, but in the case of Viber, they call theirs the Hold and Talk.

On this feature, you will be able to send out voice messages to any of your contacts. To use this feature, simply press a button on the app and your voice will immediately be recorded and then it will be sent over to your preferred contact. When your friend receives it, he or she will be able to listen to the message immediately.


Stickers are available ever since Viber was released. It might not be something that appeals to everyone, but a lot of people are so into them. The stickers are actually fun and entertaining and you can even choose to send them to a group of friends, if you choose the group chat feature. On this latest version of the app, Viber is thinking of adding more than a thousand stickers on their Sticker Market for everyone to enjoy.

Other Additions

There several other additions on this latest version of Viber. They have added a feature that allows a user to forward messages to another user or group within the contact list. Furthermore, group chats or group conversations can now accommodate up to a hundred participants, which is really great especially for those who would want to communicate to a lot of their friends all at the same time. And finally, additional fixes have been made which help to improve the overall performance of the app, including the push notifications.

By now, you must have already received a notification on your device suggesting that you update Viber to the latest version. If you have not, then this could be because you are not connected to the Internet. So if you want to try any of the new features above, connect to the Internet now and update Viber.

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