Watch Dogs and GTA 5 For PS4 Blu-Ray Capacity

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]atch Dogs, GTA 5 and other next-gen titles could max out Blu-ray disc capacity on Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4?

Download GTA 5, Watch Dogs on PS4 could reach 50GB

The president of Sony’s worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida talks about the vision behind his company’s next generation console with PS4 and dropped hints of the enormous size of data in upcoming games.

The games are big, they’re 50GB; download isn’t instantaneous.

So, with PS4, we can expect game sizes to reach 50GB but it could be more than that considering there are a number of titles on PlayStation 3 already surpassed 40GB, for example Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII and Santa Monica’s God of War III.

It remains to be seen whether Ubisoft to tap into the full power of Blu-ray discs by using maximum capacity available for Watch Dogs on PlayStation 4.

For Rockstar Games, there is no announcement on PS4 release for GTA V but with previous titles such as L.A. Noire used to be a six-disc Xbox 360 game until it took them “a lot of effort to get down to three discs”, it is interesting to see how GTA V will stack up.

The factors that contribute to the size of the game mainly derived from the detail they put on the map as well as the character’s performances.

With quadruple layer Blu-ray discs, one can store up to 150GB worth of data.

In 2008, Pioneer Corporation unveiled a 400 GB Blu-ray Disc (containing 16 data layers, 25 GB each) and there is ongoing development to create a 1 TB Blu-ray Disc as soon as this year.

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  • AsianPride

    useless because it’s just resolution of textures and number of polygons increase so still you won’t see a big different unless you have a big screen. but most of nowadays people have 21~24 inches monitors beside when you keep busy with the game you don’t see the huge different with current generation graphics. so I suggest them to increase other factors such as AI and increase the gameplay hours, design more levels, like that. also when these people increase the limit developers have to work hard to detail the models so they eventually give up making good stories.

  • ghostman92106

    I wish some writers would get their facts straight about what system this will come out on. if they would go to rockstar’s website they would see it say coming 9.17.2013 on the xbox 360 and the ps3. yes it may eventually come to nexgen consoles but not this year

    • http://twitter.com/genialityofevil Maximilian

      They haven’t put it up because the Xbox hasn’t been officially confirmed and no release date for the PS4 has been released either. No point advertising something if you don’t know or can’t say when it’s coming.

      • Niklas Griffiths

        Both consoles have been confirmed and still no GTA V on next gen.

  • Evangelos

    lucky on PC you just download on steam and install to hdd. I got a 2tb hard drive downloaded max payne 3 the other day 30gb! No problems!

    • http://twitter.com/genialityofevil Maximilian

      Don’t think I’ll be getting this on Steam, I always like to get my favourite titles on disc, plus Ubisoft games always launch through Uplay now, even from Steam.

  • You_forget_muppet

    You forget something very important about Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds. The gaming world said fitting GTAIII and Vice City on to tiny UMD discs for the PSP would be impossible, but they pulled it off, and made it look better, and added extra content. DVD’s hold 8GB and UMD for the PSP holds 4GB. The gaming world was also amazed at how they managed to fit San Andreas on to a DVD.

  • http://twitter.com/sidewind69 eric gieseke

    its the radio stations ive seen versions of san andreas one 1 CD :)

  • Xiaonan Wang

    Definitely worth it. Open world game is meant to be big and liberated. It is not arcade game.

  • Rayne Forsyth

    S&R, y u keep misleading titles?

  • disqus_PxCTcOaJVo

    what is this????

  • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

    Wow, i wounder just how big a BD can be???!!! *_*