When Is Halo 5 Release Date For Xbox One?

With the release of Xbox One on November 22nd, many gamers had but one question: where is Halo 5?

While Halo Spartan Assault is due out in December, it is not the FPS game for which Halo lovers are clambering. Rumored to be in the prototype phase, Halo lovers can only speculate what this game will be and when it will be here. Here’s what we know – or think we know – about the upcoming Halo 5.

Halo 5: Release Date

The rumored release dates for Halo 5 are “sometime in November 2014” and a more specific December 31, 2014. This make sense, as it will give developers ample time to work out the kinks and make sure everything is up and running smoothly with the new Xbox One. Similarly, Halo 3 debuted the year following the release of the Xbox 360, so this seems to follow the same pattern. Pre-orders will be available on the Xbox website, and they will run you a cool $59.99 a pop, rumor has it. Not bad for the amount of technological marvel that will surely be packed into this game.

Halo 5: Game Details

In comparison with Halo 4, the new game will be 3-5 times larger, in an open world format. There will be a greater selection of weaponry for both humans and aliens alike. These weapons can be stored in the armory and selected at the beginning of each mission. The master chief is rogue, with his own ship for visiting 6-8 different planets. The planets will have differing main objectives in addition to side missions. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has recently stated that the game has not yet been officially named, but we predict that it will be Halo 5, no matter what Microsoft says or doesn’t say.

Halo 5: Vehicles

The vehicle selection will be bigger and better than ever, including warthogs, scorpion, mammoth, mantis, rhino, wolverine, vulture, cobra, falcon, and hornet. The chief will be able to store a limited number of vehicles for use throughout the game.

Halo 5: Enemies

Enemies for Halo 5 include humans, Prometheans, Drones, Brutes, Grunts, Jackals, Hunters, and Elites.

Halo 5: Technical Aspects

Halo 5 will run at an astonishing 60 frames per second and will make extensive use of the cloud using dedicated servers, making it one of the most visually spectacular and immersing games ever created. The Halo creators are seeking to showcase the technology if the Xbox One to the fullest, even if it means that we have to wait a little longer than we want to see it.


There is still a lot about Halo 5 that we don’t know, but speculation runs rampant and will continue to do so up until the release. While there is no official date set, an educated guess would place the release date sometime around the holiday season of 2014. Look for this second edition to the Reclaimer Saga to be everything you liked in Halo 4 and then much, much more.

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