Will Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 Be On PS4?

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here has been lots of debate recently whether Rockstar is paying attention to Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs meteoric rise.

Watch Dogs on PS4 is better than GTA V on Xbox 360

Let’s get this straight, all the people saying that the game’s not even on Rockstar’s radar because its a different game are living in a dream world, it may not be exactly the same, but it’s certainly similar and gaining enough hype that Rockstar would be aware of it.

Is GTA V delayed due to Watch Dogs?

No chance, but the notion that Rockstar Games aren’t even paying attention to what other developers a.k.a competitors are doing is ridiculous, of course they’re going to be aware.

Watch Dogs is after all, the most anticipated PS4 game this year according to research conducted by Fizziology.

It’s the same with all the open world games, Rockstar will have their ear to the ground on whats happening, it may not directly affect how they’re making their games and games like Saints Row may not be in the same league as Grand Theft Auto.

But, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re keeping tabs on what those developers are doing to make sure that GTA V remains in another league.

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  • Sam

    …and the award for most pointless articles made by a website goes to…

    • Amir Ariff

      Ermm…OH! Me, me!

  • Jacues Boullard

    do people actually get paid for writing this kind of crap? seems like its just a headline to pop up when people do their daily GTA V news search…

    • Jacues Boullard

      LOL! note the tags for the article… How to write an article in under 2 minutes: ask a stupid question like, “will GTA V blah blah Watchdogs blah blah blah PS4? blah blah something something?” then tag the article with the three most popular gaming related searches and presto! you can call yourself an online magazine writer while you sit at a starbucks jerking off your yuppie hipster friends! ‘murica!

      • Jacues Boullard

        ….and to whoever wrote this disposable hit generating turd, you forgot to include blah blah “next-gen” blah blah in there! ha! you suck at your “job”

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        • wir2ality

          It is a stupid article

  • bimboobom

    Why do you cling onto every little thread?!

  • Epicangel-t25

    You cant even spell GAMES right in your tags your pointless 12 year olds!

    • Amir Ariff

      Sorry, they are actually generated.

      • Matthew Perkins

        kill urself, dumbest, most false articles ever

        • Graham Hackett

          Wow. It’s an article dude. Get over it.

  • wir2ality

    Gta is going to f****n murder it lol its ganna be so funny

  • Joey Misita

    This is just terrible

  • Oh FFS

    I can’t believe how much crap this site spews makes it into google’s newsfeed. I can’t wait to figure out how to exclude this site. The illiterate baboons writing this drivel need to be dragged into their respective villages’ town centers and flogged.

    There is no substance, there is no article.
    I could write 100 pages on what I think about two games, or what I wish to see in GTA V, but I would hope, and make my best efforts to ensure, that it doesn’t make it into the news section.

    Because news, this is not.

  • Gumby65

    Oh Hai I lives in America, can somebody translate this article for me please? Thanks…

  • Daniel Amaya

    Watch Dogs is going to be fucking amazing.. But GTA is no doubt going to rape it.

    • Ryan Mehigan

      hahaha too true

  • Ryan Mehigan

    even if Rockstar are paying attention to what Ubisoft are doing, I doubt they remotely worried about watch dogs being more successful than GTA V will be as no game is gonna be able to compete with it. p.s you’re grammar is fairly awful.

  • Jack Randall

    Stupid article headline deserves comment s below

  • James Tidmore

    this post makes no sense how are you going to compare an upcoming game that is on a next gen system to another upcoming game that will be on a current gen system, and expect to make a valid argument. I mean really this post is the worst comparison of to diferent game on two different consoles

  • Gta 5

    This site makes’s crap articles look better.