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Windows 8.1 Update Inspired By Apple iOS 7?

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]pple’s upcoming iOS 7 will look more like Windows 8 than iOS currently does.

Apple’s iOS 7 release with Windows 8 Blue Update?

I’ve still got hope that Sir Jonathan Ive will come up with something that doesn’t look like a direct clone.

I think it’s disingenuous for people to pretend like Apple (and Google for that matter) are not copying Microsoft’s design style.

I mean… of course they are, anyone with eyes can see that.

It’s not hard to imagine people from Apple (and Google) getting their hands on a Windows Phone or Windows 8 device and thinking “wow… our design looks like crap compared to this”.

From Microsoft’s perspective it kind of sucks and I feel sorry for them. They don’t often get a big win and this design style was, for a while a least, distinctly Microsoft.

From a users perspective though, it has to be a good thing.

If one company comes up with an innovation that inspires other companies to do the same then as consumers we have more choice and better products to choose from.


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    Good article, we upgraded from iPhones and Android handsets at our company to Nokia Lumia 925 handsets and are very much happy with our choice, most of the contribution recently appears to be from Nokia however Microsoft is apparently working on many new things including new look Bing and major OS updates therefore within the next Year we should see a big change in the users migrating ecosystem as the word spreads (based on our experience and feedback to date at our company).

  • jernfrost

    I disagree, as consumers we were able to chose from 3 distinct styles. Now we are all forced to accept the minimalist windows style. Not everybody is a fan. I liked the traditional iOS design. It made it easy to identify the different functional aspect of the UI. But unfortunatly flat design is trendy, and iOS look is not considered cool enough.

    I’d say Apple is now choosing form over function. Although to be fair I think they have though it through better than Android or Windows. E.g. by using key colors to indicate interactive elements in iOS7. Both on Android and Windows I occasionally think it is difficult to identify what is an decorative element and what is an interactive one.