Windows 8 vs Mac OSX – Best OS For Your Money?

I use both Windows 7 and OSX on a regular basis.

Is Windows 8 Too Dumb?

I have had very limited experience with Windows 8, so I won’t use it in my comparison. For what it’s worth, Windows 8 made me feel real dumb. When asked to configure my email, I was hit with a giant full screen prompt with no discernible way of closing it. Alt+F4 didn’t close it; Escape didn´t either.

The Windows key didn’t bring me back to the Start screen: it just did nothing. I was later told that I was supposed to click on the top margin and “drag the window away” in order to close it, but how in the hell was I suppose to imagine that the white space was draggable? I don’t mind Metro aesthetically. The bright colors can be jarring at times, but overall it looks modern and uncluttered. But the UX is just horrible if I, a true power user by any standard, was unable to close a damn email setup prompt from the stock Mail app.

Back on topic now. You’ve posted a question that reads “Why is OSX better than Windows”; this is called confirmation bias. I wouldn’t assert that one is better than the other, and I don’t feel it’s a fair question but I will try to offer my opinion as to OSX’s strengths and weaknesses.

Mac OS X Hardware Experience

mac vs pc 1990s 289x300 Windows 8 vs Mac OSX   Best OS For Your Money?The first and maybe most important factor is the quality of Apple hardware. A Retina Macbook Pro or a Macbook Air are outstanding products regardless of the Operating System you prefer. They look fantastic, they are built solid, and are a joy to use. Many PC manufacturers fumble by giving you a flimsy hinge, a poor keyboard, a low-quality screen (it’s more than just resolution), and/or a crappy trackpad. Very few products outside Apple offer you all of this. It’s not rocket science: it’s not about a custom, overclocked CPU or anything like that. Simple things like a comfortable, backlit keyboard and a responsive, smooth trackpad make the product infinitely more usable. Razor seems to be on the right track with its Blade line, and I know there must be other boutique manufacturers out there putting up quality hardware, but it seems hard to find. Most vendors seem to believe good hardware can be summarized into a spec sheet, failing to realize it’s a product you need to hold and manually interact with; it needs to be comfortable. Macbooks excel at this, and it’s a huge starting point.

OSX takes this fantastic hardware and provides a nice out of the box experience. Even after paying a hefty premium, an HP or Dell laptop of the very highest end will still greet you with a load of crapware. A custom OEM “utilities” overlay for frequently used settings, an antivirus trial, an Office trial, a CD/DVD burning suite trial, and some sort of crazy animation to splash over the screen when you change the volume or brightness. It bogs your system down, fills it with crap on the taskbar, and is just a horrible pain. I am unable (unwilling, to be fair) to use a PC before formatting and going for a clean install. OSX saves me that hassle.

Not only is an OSX install clean, but the apps that it does include are top-notch. The iLife suite is due for an update soon, but even at their current state they are true examples of what stock utilities should be. iPhoto and iMovie are amazing apps in their own right. I am sure if these apps were available for purchase on Windows, a lot of people would pay up for them – they’re really that good. iDVD and the iWeb (was that its name?) have sort of lingered as obsolete tag-alongs, but that has more to do with people’s usage changing than with a fault in the apps themselves.

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  • Logan

    I’m a Windows 7 Ultimate user and I have to say Window 8 is horrible, hard to navigate between menus. Mac computers they great, too expensive for the price they asking for, and they don’t support many of the applications I use. If mac can start supporting more games and more of my applications then I would consider a mac. I also dislike that mac does not have a right click function from the mouse so that sucks. I also know mac are not good supporters for gaming, they plays some games but no the best popular games. My computer is custom built by me and I could never do this wit ha mac because hardware incompatibility with OSX. My computer is core i5 with 16 GB of memory and 6000 series Radeon graphic card.

    Most people say you have to spend more on PC because you have to buy lot of the software. Mac comes with most common application and I will admit that is true. But hey, we have the Pirate Bay, download and install, so that saves money. Lot of the applications you want to find on torrent sites have very minimal support for mac and less variety.

    • PoopInMyButthole

      Not trying to be mean, but you’re very misinformed and you should do more research.
      Don’t think of me as trying to be as dick, but think of this as a learning experience. You can right click from the mouse. Im doing it as we speak(Typing this on windows machine but also have a Mac next to me). Also, torrents have nothing to do with operating systems. The only time that plays in is whether or not you’re trying to get Mac software or PC software. If the software is available on Mac, they will have it. That’s just like getting mad saying “Man, this torrent site sucks! It wont let me download Logic Pro X for my Windows 8 laptop even though it’s Mac only!”. But please inform yourself more.

      • Logan

        I know torrents have nothing to do with it but torrents are free. Let’s say you want photoshop on your computer and yes it supports both mac OS and Windows OS, but there are much more PC users out there so it will be easier to find a windows version than a mac version. So if you can’t find a mac version then you will have to buy it. That is what I was trying to get at.

  • Ken Heslip

    Windows 8 puts content first and full screen. You just have to learn a few new things first. Once that’s done it’s great…..particularly on a touch screen. The slump is just people learning the benefits of it.

  • Stephen Pate

    Why do you write articles based on a lack of knowledge. If you are going to write about computers, try to be more than trivial. It takes about 1-2 hours to become familiar with Windows 8. OSx is a 10 year old operating system with a few tiny changes. Compare it with Windows 7. The article is nothing more than biased drivel.

  • Þoddi

    Are you shore your start button is working? Because on Windows 8, pressing the start button should always bring you back to the start screen.
    And just for the add on information, Windows 8 defragments automatically. So, it’s got that going for it.