Windows Phone 8.1 Update New Features Will Only Disappoint

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]isten up peeps, myself and am sure many other are fed up of Microsoft lack of urgency in getting extra features out to the end user.

Windows Phone 8.1 vs Apple iOS 7 vs Android 4.3

Windows Phone 8 should have been a new beginning for Microsoft. The recognition of a common kernel and leveraging this to bring rapid development and enhancements to the OS throughout this year. Instead what we have witness is frankly shambolic and snail speed updates.

The new features found in GDR1 and GDR2 are not even worth mentioning. Its as if the development team has gone into hibernation and have nothing to declare or show.

In the face of stiff competition and fast pace of the smart-phone arena, at the current speed I am afraid the only way is down for the Windows Phone platform, and before you say sales have increased and are now No. 3 in looking at things in context the growth rate is still very lacklustre and will remain static and eventually decline with the imminent release of iOS7 and next version of Android which will eclipse Windows Phone COMPLETELY and take it off the radar PERIOD.

So my friends, today is the day I look at my Lumia 920 and when friends ask me should they get a Windows Phone? My answer to them will be a solid NO. All because Microsoft are incompetent and too slow and uncompetitive.

Even the latest GDR2 updates are causing issues for HTC users who are finding their phones are getting bricked with the new update.

Did Windows Phone 8 GDR2 brick your HTC 8X? Now you can flash it back to life yourself.

I am sorry but what is the average user going to do when they find thier phone has got bricked? most likely they will go get an iPhone or Android phone, and the reputation of Windows Phone plummeting.

I am sorry if Microsoft cannot come out with an update without screwing up existing phones then Windows Phone 8 platform must be flaky or Microsoft dont know what they are doing, God knows how many phones they will brick when the Windows Phone 8.1 (Blue) update comes along. Nokia and HTC will be the ones clearing up the mess Microsoft have left behind tarnishing thier reputation in the process.

So let me make it clear, today right now we have had no clear OFFICIAL indication from Microsoft when Windows Phone Blue (8.1) or when GDR3 is coming out let along what features they plan to bring to user.

Being already over half way through the year Windows Phone 8 will have faded from peoples radar by the time iOS7 and new iPhone comes around, meanwhile Microsoft will probably try doing some viral marketing to drum up interest and so some half backed presentation of the new features of Windows Phone 8.1 which again will only disappoint.

It is safe to assume this time next year I will have likely to have switched platforms.

Written by Maceo3121

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  • PrideLand

    This article is pure FUD and about how one person feels at the moment. The reality is the GRD2 and GRD3 will both have numerous fixes and enhancements and Microsoft continues to play catch up to iOS and Android. But, now they are simply a year behind instead of 2 to 3 years behind. iOS and Android are not innovating much at all anymore. They are scared to change too much and cause users to leave there platform. Microsoft is still innovating and will continue to do so with WP Blue and beyond as they (Microsoft and Nokia) are still hungry for more market share. Not to mention the Enterprise pack that is being released.

    • esail

      speaking about innovation, wp9 might be started from a clean slate AGAIN.

      • sam

        typical microsoft isn’t it. shoot.. i’d better jump wagon now

      • Mike E. Delta

        …but luckily it WON’T have the same problem as last time because it’ll still be the same Windows and not the stupid CE mobile only platform. That means that you would be completely wrong.

        • esail

          It’s only rumor, aren’t we discussing rumors about wp8.1 right now? here is the link about wp9,

          • Mike E. Delta

            Isn’t that guy Russian? I keep thinking things get lost in the translation…to the misinterpretation/misinformation of many, lol =P

          • esail

            He is Russian, they said that he is a reliable source but we are supposed to take everything with a grain of salt.

    • Loop

      Did you see the release list of GDR2? Not really a whole lot there. FM Radio…wow! And it’s being said that GDR3 will be another update for hardware (1080 screens, etc). Competition is no longer innovating you say? You’re aware that both iOS and Android have had seven releases in the past year right? Microsoft is trying to get it’s second out.
      Are you aware of how long VPN has been available in iOS? Many, many years Since iOS 3 or 4 I believe (7 comes out in a couple of months). Oh what’s that you say about the Enterprise pack?? ….yes, Windows Phone will *likely* get VPN in 2014. At this point it’s pretty humorous…and this coming from a Lumia owner.
      Unless there is a HUGE surprise planned by Microsoft before the end of the year, Windows Phone will unfortunately fall even further behind the competition.
      Hungry for market share? Yes. Want to maintain customers? No.

      • spazinvader

        Hey at least the customers are getting updates right? In case of android, customers may get the update of 4.3 by next year.

        In case of Apple, what 7 updates you are talking about???

        And finally, I want to say it regarding GDR3 update. Either you are not a geek or your post is hiding your talents. Windows phone is based on NT kernel, which supports even 16 cores no problem. What GDR3 is bringing is better support from OS to the hardware. More like fine tuning OS to take advantage of the hardware. Something android never did until now. iOS does it and windows phone will do it by the end of the year. But not android.

  • Peter Wolszczak

    How about some specific features Android and Apple have to blow WP away? Otherwise, this just sounds like an unfounded rant.

    • Palantas

      Like a notification center? :D
      I’m kidding; some details would be nice. As it stands, this is all opinion, with very little to support it.

      • barbaruss

        Ur tiles on the home page act as the notifications..
        easykeys ,well that would b a good how I’m happy with my Lumia..solid device no hangs ND hazies Fr me

        • Palantas

          No, they don’t act as the notifications, as there is a great amount of information Live Tiles don’t display which a notification center–like the one on my girlfriend’s iPhone–does display.

          • groberts116

            Windows 8.1 is reported to be adding notification screens along with live tiles.

          • Tyrelle Watts

            Notification center is cool. But this person commented on your status, or this person like a photo on instagram. So what is so great about a notification center? Just so you can somehow feel important.

          • Palantas

            You’re suggesting that the function of a notification center is to feel important about yourself?

          • Tyrelle Watts

            Those who are complaining about the lack of it yes. It is what it is. Either that or they feel the need for attention. Seems something a teenager really would be into. Are facebook, instagram, snapchat, whatsapp really that important? You really need to know how many likes you have on a photo or status? Are you that serious about it?

    • Sinamit

      This is an over written article, so much that it even has lots of grammatical mistakes. I admit that there are features missing in this platform but i just hope whatever MS gives, it should be tested & stable.

      • auziez

        tested for what, 3 years?

        • Sinamit

          No…gdr3 will come in nov.
          Wp blue next year march

          • auziez

            here’s to the hopes of blue containing some big things.

    • auziez

      Honestly, my problem with WP is exactly his. It seems Microsoft CANT innovate because of the wide gap between low end specs and high end. I think instead this should be two different OS options like WP lite, and WP power – one for high end one for low end. The high end users are suffering because of low end, this is all speculation though, but if you think about it… its awfully complex for the average consumer to have the same OS but with different features on two new phones. Again, this is really hard to decipher, because you want the same experience… the main problem here is that Microsoft has went for a unified experience while android has just chosen more of a “each user to himself” approach. At first we all thought “HURRAH” because it was something we had over android… but now it seems this is windows phones layback, as new users want better phones while the current are just wanting their phones to be updated.

      Look, i have never seen anywhere advertise that the new phone you buy is supported for 24 months, will get all the updates etc etc. This represents that maybe this isn’t so much of a need, but rather a problem. Android cant update half its phones, its users move on – the same should go for windows phone users… The past is the past, let the future poor in innovations without restriction. Yes, try to update previous models as much as you can, but don’t hinder the newer buyers, giving us 720p, 600$, HIGH END phones in 2013? again i don’t know what is making Microsoft move like a snail, but honestly… windows phone can be, should be, 10x better than it is currently.

      you ask what features its missing? not exactly features, but UI enhancements. im talking better organization, less tacky look on the home screen, notification centers, quick changes to the settings, universal search, more tile options, better way to access apps within an app, better hardware. I mean its all debatable to each, but all of these are just examples that i came up on the spot, imagine if i actually started thinking. OH WAIT, this is supposed to be a dumbed down phone? perhaps these are too complex, back to the drawing board (i know, minimalist, but dumb ed down screams a point).

      Look, when i buy my next phone in the next few months ill have the new iphone, possible a new galaxy and a whole slur of other phones to choose from, including windows phones. when im looking at a 600$ price point for each phone, im expecting to get the best deal obviously. Like the author, i will choose the phone with the best screen, the best specs, the best look and the best usability. Let’s see what Microsoft has been doing….

      • auziez

        PS: i am a huge devout fan of microsoft ,yes i might seem to have allot of negativity… but when i bought my current LG optimus 7, it was because of my inner fanboy… there was honestly so many better options at the time.
        Also, im just a user willing to sacrifice getting the newest UI update in turn for the best of the best, or rather a user wanting the best of the best when it is the best.

  • Palantas

    I disagree with the idea that the next iOS and Android will wipe Windows Phone off the map. They’ll be more of the same, and people who want something different will have to look to Windows Phone. I do agree that Microsoft is taking an eternity getting out their updates, and when they do, they have to be re-patched. They need to fix that.

    • Loop

      I’ve used iOS 7 beta 3 and seen what is coming this fall. I also just updated to Android 4.3 yesterday (not even mentioning that ver. 5 is expected this November). Both were quite, quite impressive. Unfortunately with WP 8.1 not coming until next year, the gap is just getting wider.

      • spazinvader

        You are kidding right???

        What are the updates you find far better in 4.3? There is relatively nothing other than for developers. And they mentioned it as 4.3? Even GDR1 in windows phone has more updates than 4.2.2 to 4.3.

    • tvonthebrain

      You’re right, they won’t wipe Windows Phone off the map.
      It’s been off the map since WM6
      WM has been DESPERATELY trying to cling to it’s tiny market share, but nobody’s buying it.

      • spazinvader

        Of course no one is buying WM… Three years ago, Microsoft came out with WP and many millions of users bought it until now.

        Stop having tv on your mind and join the new world.

      • Palantas

        Clearly we have different definitions of “off the map.”

  • coip

    iOS7 is mainly a Windows Phone ripoff, and Android is just awful. Why anyone would still use that sluggish, poorly coded mess is beyond me. I used to have an Android smartphone and tablet: never again. Switched to Windows Phone and a Surface RT tablet and cannot believe how much better and more functional they are.

    • Loop

      As a Lumia and Surface owner who also has a Nexus 4 and 7…Unfortunately Android (combined with the features it offers) works better.

      • coip

        I don’t know what features you are looking for, but for me Windows has them and Android doesn’t: full Office integration (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) with SkyDrive across all devices, Xbox games with achievements, all zipped together in a snappy, responsive OS that is stable, standardized, and performs efficiently. The Surface in particular is an engineering feat: kickstand, USB, HDMI, microSD, a plethora of devices to pair it with, and the greatest tablet keyboard ever in the Type Cover. On the contrary, my Android phone and tablet had none of those things and ran slower than a cactus in the mud. Android builds up so much gunk that the devices quickly become useless.

        • ShadowFoxBiH

          This is a joke right? I tried out a Surface RT and hated the damn thing you have no APPS, how can you use a tablet with maybe 10 decent apps on it and that if you can find 10 that are worthwhile. Win Phone 8, RT, and Win 8 are an absolute mess and there is a reason why Windows is having a hard time selling them, go ask them about the 900 million dollar loss on the RT.

          • coip

            It just launched last year. Give it time. It launched with more apps than any other OS did at the time of its launch, and the pace of growth is also faster than iOS and Android were. If you can’t find an app, open up Internet Explorer for and access it on the web. The Windows Phone store is now quite strong with dozens of exclusive apps by Nokia and Microsoft. The $900 million Surface writeoff has nothing to do with the quality of the Surface RT and everything to do with the mismanagement of the products’ launch. Their severely limited distribution method (just in Microsoft stores for all of 2012) was foolish. Not one had access to them to try them out and see how much better they were than iOS (good product but the OS is too restrictive, especially when it comes to work) and Android (just an awful, sluggish operating system that no one except the ignorant would buy).

          • Mark Richey

            Because it is not a toy demanding all the apps an iPad does to even function. I use my Surface RT for work, for play, on vacation to suit my needs. I have office, can connect a mouse when I need to and connect to VGA when required. Open Excel in native program and edit and watch it update to the cloud before I return to my desk.
            Would I buy another? Likely not considering the power in the Pro version, but this tablet has found a solid place in my current arsenal of devices, including my Lumia 920.

      • vmgunz

        Be specific.. What do you find better than Lumia/Surface??

  • hhvdblom

    Wondering what the Article writers problem is. Because Windows Phone 8 is a good OS. May be he likes the crapDroid apps and thats why he goes back. There must be some reason for the not so logical “bashing” of the WP8 OS. Or may he is just a Sheep.

  • William

    I don’t know if Microsoft really serious about his OS

    but I see Nokia really serious, they really made good lumia phone

    hope Microsoft can do more and don’t let Nokia down

  • owleyone

    smartphones are quickly moving towards open source. Ubuntu’s Edge will revolutionize the industry. Goodbye expensive carrier contracts. hello consumer freedom.

    • spazinvader

      I am also looking forward to Ubuntu and Firefox phones :-)

  • Peter

    Stop being a little bitch sailor. I have the Lumia 920 and its awesome. Once the update starts pouring in and Xbox one availability, all Xbox games will have the windows phones hahaha

  • ChilenoinUsa

    Seriously!? This article (if we can call it that) is just plain ranting. How can people be paid to write this crap?!

    • BlackStaMansh

      Updates are sh!t slow.. But we are used to..
      i feel great when i find so many supporters for wp..
      wp is awesome but apps are like beta… May be wp8 should have been named as beta…
      wp8.1 beta 2
      wp8.2 beta still 2..mahnn..
      so what, we are used to…

      rest, the windows phone is awesome…

      it cant open large pdf.. Cant attach document in email.. Great!! But we are used too..

      rest, the windows phone is awesome…

      cant manage files, but who wants to manage files.. We are used to..

      rest, the windows phone is awesome…

      windows phone supporters are bunch of innocent people… Where Microsoft bully all of us.. So what.. We are used to…

      rest, the windows phone is awesome…

  • groberts116

    I’ m not surprised by the negative and wrong on several levels that this site presents. In short this is a troll site promoting Apple products.

  • PoliTecs

    First you’re a jackass!
    Second, MS has only been in this new OS eco system for 6 months! Furthering you as a jackass!
    Third, they already have 8.1 out for desktop and rt – a major feat and a solid update with features we asked for. This alone secures you as a bias jackass!
    Last, your a morn and a jackass because you did not mention the lifecycle issues Apple has had and are getting worse with 7. Android is so fragmented in lifecycles its worthless!

    Finally, did say your a jackass? And a morn? Sorry for the adolescent reply but that the level of your writing!

  • John

    Android 4.3: Still bloated, not a major update

    iOS7: They tried to copy windows phone more

    • jackie S

      My niece have the HTC Window phone. She like the phone but suggest no one should copy that phone. It would be a waste of time.

      She is now looking at the Android phones.

  • Tùng Hà

    although I think this should be the personal opinion rather than a post like this, I think the author face the exact thing happening with WP8 right now. Anyone who has been with this OS long enough can understand.

    BTW, i run a topic on uservoice, you guys can read the more comments on

  • vmgunz

    To be fair, iOS has cosmetic update and Android has also meaningless update recently. Although, Microsoft could be more aggressive. There is not much information on Windows 8.1, but this article already suggested “dead on arrival”?? Stupid journalism..

  • Bhagirath Bhargav Reddy

    I wonder how people like this write the content even without handling a windows phone,i am sure he pretty sucker of andriod

  • Mike E. Delta

    “You go to hell… You go to hell and don’t ever come back!”

  • Simon Martens

    Windows phone 8 was released on October 29, 2012. Every OS gets one big update each year, so we will most likely get windows phone 9 or 8.1 in december or in the beginning of next year…

    These GDR updates are not a representation of what windows phone 8.1/9 will bring at all… These are more like android 4.1 and 4.2, 4.3 etc….

    Just wait and see

  • Gary Roberts

    Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone will all be around a long time and that is a good thing for consumers. All three will be constantly raising the bar. Your vision is short sited to say the least.

  • BleachedSleet

    Google has had how many years now to get it right and the best thing they’ve come up with is a Java-based buggy mess that slows with age? And don’t tell me Jelly Bean has been fixing all that because I’m using a Nexus 4 now with 4.3 on it and all it does is bug out and crash randomly. Yes, it’s smoother than the older Android versions but tell me, how many cores did that finally take? Phones shouldn’t need 4, 6, 8 freaking processor cores just to boot the OS and run it smooth. I’ve never had these issues with either iOS or WP8. I’ve been trying so hard to like Android for the last three years because WP has been developing with few apps and I despise the Apple ecosystem and slow adoption of new technologies, but now that WP is finally maturing and gaining some widespread support, I think I’ll be switching to a Lumia 925. People don’t seem to understand that MS updates phones in cycles where there’s major feature releases and then several minor releases that boost hardware and help garner developer support which can then convert to en masse adoption. GDR2 and 3 are not meant to be huge feature releases. They’re prepping hardware support so Nokia and other OEMs can create some truly wonderful stuff for the next big release. The Lumia 1020 that has gotten consistently good reviews so far would not exist if it weren’t for GDR2. Major Android and iOS features like a notification center are coming to WP in the future. People forget that Microsoft’s new ecosystems and specifically WP8 are all very new and so far are doing much better than either Android or iOS did when they were launched. They just launched much earlier so now we’re used to smartphones with huge app stores and hundreds of capabilities. When iOS first came out it was little more than a feature phone and if it wasn’t for Samsung suddenly creating some hot new phones, Android would be tanking. Give it time; WP will get there.

  • Rosani Masau

    “the growth rate is still very lacklustre and will remain static and eventually decline with the imminent release of iOS7 and next version of Android which will eclipse Windows Phone COMPLETELY and take it off the radar PERIOD.” – Hahaha I’ll bet you my farm it won’t happen. What new thing does iOS7 bring? Nothing except that they copied Windows Phone Metro meaning… Microsoft’s decision about Metro is Right!. Android 4.3 do you even know what changed? NO you do not because nothing changed! Just some Service pack tweaks!

  • Bob

    Long Live Vista ! ! !

  • Bob

    MS knows what they are doing. They will aquire Nokia and have a company owned hardware manufacturer. Then the Lumia will be followed by the Surface phone. HTC is still struggling and might collapse by 2016. Around the same time, Samsung will go on their own way with Tizen. Leaving Google with Motorola and possibly LG as major RTM’s. Android platforms will suffer major loss by 2017. Apple will continue to struggle with the Cook in the Kitchen and slip to 3rd place around 2017. The future looks pretty bright for old Multiple Scelerosis. It seems that Bill Gates has planned this all out a while ago. Hmm …..

  • Saem

    Go to hell. My windows phone is absolutely amazing.

  • Sinamit

    What garbage is this??

  • Jackson

    What a bunch of bullshit

  • groberts116

    The editor should cut articles like this. If Society&Religion doesn’t want to be regarded in the same category as Sun, Globe and other tabloid that has no credibility than keep allowing articles like this. Until a retraction of this article is printed Society&Religion is a tabloid with no credibility.

  • MCTronix

    The first mistake is to get an HTC Windows Phone. HTC puts most of their efforts into Android and Windows Phone comes 2nd. Get Nokia. They care about Windows Phone and are determined to put out the best product on the market. If you can get a Nokia for the same price as and HTC (which you can), go Nokia. Duh!.

  • Tyrelle Watts

    this is a garbage article and you are a garbage writer, you can’t even think of innovations wp need. you just talk shit, that’s all you are doing. don’t nobody really give a fuck about your opinion. and just to show how much of an asshole you are device manufactures test the updates before they rollout, so is it microsofts fault or the device maker?

    why you punk ass writers don’t respond in the comments, oh that’s right because you are a pussy ass no good writer.

  • Jim

    Did you change the publish date to today for this article I read a month ago so it gets back in the news feed solely for the purpose of grabbing cheap page views?

    This is a poorly written rant with zero facts and I would be embarrassed to have something like this on my website. If you can’t present an argument with facts you have no business making a career in writing.

    For example:
    This Article Dead on Arrival: S&R Staff Reuses Content
    S&R falsified the publish date on this article for cheap page views. My proof is at the top where it says “By S&R Staff on August 22, 2013″ and in the comments section you’ll notice all the comments sans mine are a month old. Seems to me there is only one way to get month old comments on an article written today….

  • Lance Stern

    THIS SHOULD NOT BE one of the top articles in search results. It’s ranting and not professional at all.
    To make it worse, they changed the title of the article so that it appears like it was written today! Get this trash off of the web why is this allowed?

  • Lance Stern

    Not to mention GDR2 wasn’t even Windows Phone 8.1 (at least Microsoft hasn’t dubbed it that way)

  • tim_neal

    Another article with no substance. The headline is purely for click-bait. News flash buddy…nobody cares if you switch your phone. Who publishes crap like this

  • Guest

    This article is complete nonsense. First off, WP 8.1 is still 4-6 months away. Only Microsoft knows what they are or are not going to include in it — it is way too early for you or anyone else to pass judgement. Windows Phone 8 hasn’t even been out a year! The WP platform itself has quite a bit going for it. It certainly lacks a few non-critical features competing platforms have, but you can make a case it has features that aren’t include or aren’t as polished as the others because it just does things differently. To me, the trade off is well worth it as the gains from WP for me outweigh the handful of features the platform misses. To someone else it may be a dealbreaker because they rely on a specific feature. Isn’t that what is great about having choice in platforms?

    WP 8.1 is going to be the first big update to WP that will truly tell you how well the platform/OS is progressing. Feel free to come out guns blazing if that doesn’t impress you, but right now this article seems like whining from an entitled childish brat who has no appreciation for the complexities of what it takes to build software in the mobile space.

  • BeeDubya

    I love looking at the picture at the top of this article with the 3 home screens. To me, it contradicts the whole article. Lack of innovation? Which screen looks the most revolutionary to you? Certainly not the Android, and the iOS is your standard block icons, am I right or am I right?

    • Florin N

      The second one :)))

  • KnowYourRightsFool

    How about a BlackBerry? I got a Z10 and I absolutely love it! Better than the iPhone5.

  • Florin N

    If iOS and Android would have evolved at the pace Windows Phone does…nobody could have cached up ever.I love the platform and Lumia devices, been there from the start and they never failed me.Also the next big things regarding WP8 are just around the corner.Even more reasons to wake up with a smile on my face and then look at my red-hot 820.

  • Mark Richey

    So. You will switch platforms? Why wait? Do it now. This article offered nothing constructive. Many of us working through this OS, participating in betas, submitting feedback and posting wish lists really are not served well by such drivel.
    So please. By all means go adopt your iPhone or Android flavor of the month. Don7t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.

  • Stuart

    Wow, you really are a dick. Presenting your personal, rather messed up opinion as fact, does not make good journalism.

  • hugo medrano

    I agree that there are some features still missing but this is an unfair article cause you are talking about gdr1 and gdr2 and you have to understand that this are just Little updates, they are like mmm for example iOS 6.01, 6.1, 6.3 all those updates had no changelog or new features those were for bug fixes the real new features for iOS take a whole year just like on Windows phone so I don´t understand why you say all of this in your article, and let’s don´t even talk about android I mean the show a new versión 4.2, 4.3 with new features in a short time that’s good but it take a looooooooot of time for one to get the official update

  • joriginaloak

    you’re a tosser mate…im fed up of hearing morons like yourself spout shit!

  • Lemuel P. Nolasco

    The author is a member of a CRAP article movement against Windows. C-corrupt R-readers A-attention and P-plunk. Funded by apple.

  • scbcrosby

    Hahah yea it not like people on their iPhone are freezing up, get the blue screen and there Facebook isn’t work?!?!?! Which all I can say is that I don’t have that problem on my windows phone 8. The HTC phone is is a piece of crap not windows phone 8, I would know.

  • jkavanagh58

    What are you waiting for? If your reservations are so strong, change platforms.

  • zbart

    you suck.

  • John Tsekouras


    you’re a troll, aren’t you?

  • JaimeLobo

    Meanwhile WP’s are now in double-digit sales figures in many countries and have surpass iPhones sales a few places.

    Nice forecasting “Maceo3121″ :O)

  • joriginaloak

    you only have to look at the three images above to see windows phone blows the rest out of the water….period!

  • Rikki Sawhney

    This article is a pathetic attempt to create readership. It shows that the author has nothing intelligent to write and to hide his incompetence, he can rant like a droid monkey

  • esail

    umm… it sounds like SOMEONE does not like wp, the S&R staff write some of the worst articles out there, if they need proof, just look at the comments.

  • David Reuven

    The guy has a point.
    I moved to lumia 920 after my iPhone 4 got slow down by iOS 7 update.
    I must say that i think there is something wrong with Microsoft management. They just disconnected from the street.
    They should go down , and see how people using their phones and how far behind are they from the UE and UI of iOS and android ( i own nexus 7 as well..)
    Then they should sat down their 10,000 engineers and “just do it” , not ” just talk about it”..
    Wake up Microsoft, i really like underdogs but i am loosing it slowly

  • jkavanagh58

    Seems like the norm on this blog… Go to iOS already. GDR3 is already rolling out to some phones and in many cases is just being something bundled within OEM firmware updates. All of these platforms have shortcomings.