Xbox One’s Kinect 2.0 Different Gaming Than Than The PS4

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen the PS4 was revealed they did add a few more bells and whistles like the social networking stuff, and a new controller which seems much better than the old.

PS4 Or Xbox One

But, other than that, nothing seemed that compelling other than their non-DRM stuff which they played up in their favor. Some of the things off the top of my head that seemed to make the Xbox One more innovative are:

1) A reputation system which basically let’s the annoying, and/or cheating players simply get pushed aside and end up playing with others with the same attributes. I want to play games with players who aren’t spitting out racial slurs, putting down other players or simply cheating. I didn’t hear if the PS4 had anything like that.

2) Kinect 2.0 Bundled into the system. This leaves the door more wide open for different gaming than the PS4. Who knows if the Kinect is going to expand on the gaming experience, but I like the fact that it’s there and I’m willing to try something different. Always am. Hopefully, developers will be willing to try things as well, since it’s bundled into the system.

3) The DRM stuff torked off some people. I was ready to embrace it. Although they reversed the DRM stuff, they did mention that they might revisit some of those features. I’m very interested in the Family Sharing. I have friends and relatives who have Xbox’s and it’s a pain to have to mail the games to them when we I could just share them digitally. I didn’t hear anything from the PS4 regarding any of this.

4) Microsoft just spun up 300,000 servers for Xbox LIVE. Cloud services will probably not help a ton in graphics of games, but it will help some. We’ll see. What it does provide is a much better multiplayer gaming back end. Thus allowing me to not have to worry about hosts leaving the game and having to find another host, latency issues will be better, and match making will be much, much quicker and better. Sony talked about Gaikai, but that appears to not yet to be even ready until later next year. Xbox One seems to be much further ahead here.

5) As for TV, it seems like a half put together idea. I would have liked to be able to remove my cable box, but that’s not going to be the case. I liked how you can switch from TV back to your game and the NFL stuff. I like the fact that they’re trying different stuff and not simply keeping it the same.

Sony has a compelling console, but like I noted earlier, it just seems like a souped up PS3. Between the two, the only difference which makes the PS4 more attractive is the price (but then you’re giving up the possibility of difference gaming with Kinect). I think the Xbox One is all that the PS4 and more.

Written by SmoothDog

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  • douglas

    PS4 has more powerful hardware
    xbox has 5 GB of usable memory, the PS4 has 7 gb

    xbox will have multitasking using the same processor, it consumes hardware resources, PS4 will be dedicated to the main processor, and a processor for secondary background tasks

    • collin

      you missed the whole article and practically proved his point with your comment. He said that the xbox innovated more and provided more new ideas. the ps4 just souped up its power and thats it. you just proved his point. the graphics will look the same to the naked eye so I could care less about all the specs because in all honesty they’re practically the same.

      • Ben Jones

        lol your a joke collin and a fanboy. i read the article and sry but the author is retarded. lemme tell you something with the memory the ps4 has you can have alot more interactive games coming to the market, the specs you say are the same are not douglas is correct on the gb ratio the ps4 will have more not just that though do your research on DDR3 vs GDDR5 . All gaming pc’s today use GDDR5, it can process larger amounts of data than DDR3 plus at a much faster rate. if you think the esram is going to help you you’re wrong that will only increase you’re lag time just like the problem with the cell processor in the ps3. get you’re info straight before you speak please.

        • Mike

          All gaming pc’s DO NOT use GDDR5 memory. They use DDR3. I know, I’m a pc gamer. The GRAPHICS CARD USES GDDR5 memory. Two entirely different things. Your computer doesn’t even need GDDR5 memory anyway, since its really up to the rest of your components(SSD, CPU, MOBO) and the speed on the memory is the big key too (1333, 1600, 1866, etc). And about the ESRAM, they said it has pretty much the same bandwidth speed as GDDR5 memory, possibly more. So, like collin said, its pretty much a better PS3.

          • Ben Jones

            wow you truly are a fan boy. having the memory separate will only ensure that it has lag issues. and yes ask anyone who owns a gaming pc they will tell you it’s crap without the GDDR5. the ps4 has 8gb of it. what you fail to realize is that the GDDR% in high end pc’s is that the GDDR5 is what gives you all those shiny beautiful graphics that we crave so yes sony has provided for their consumers and the developers this time round sorry you’re just a sad butt hurt troll and a xbot fanboy. also did you look at the speed of the memory the ps4 offers?? its clocked at 5500 MHz and its memory bandwidth is 176 gb per sec so yeah your point is moot.

          • Mike

            First point: Im not an xbox fanboy, im pc. I just dont like it when people get information wrong. Second point: “memory separate will only ensure that it has lag issues”??? what are you talking about?? where are you getting this info from?? there has never been a case where this has happened! if you are talking about lag with memory, you might be referring to DDR2, which was ungodly slow. You might however be talking about the cpu and gpu (apu) chip which borrows from memory, but it doesnt matter how fast GDDR5 and DDR3 is, except the speed of the memory. Third point: No one has ever said a pc is “crap” without GDDR5. They might be referring to DDR3 on Graphics Cards which are kinda crap, but work fine for most things. Forth point: GDDR5 IS NOT what gives you those “shiny beautiful graphics”, thats the GRAPHICS CARD’s JOB. You keep getting them confused lol. Fifth point: I will ignore the language/name calling here. Sixth point: The speed of the memory, “5500 mhz”, thats pretty much the basic speed on GDDR5 memory. All graphics cards with GDDR5 memory have that similar or more speed. “176 gb/s” is pretty normal on graphics cards (mostly newer ones). What I was saying before, the rechecked the speed on the memory for the xbox one, is 194 gb/s because of ESRAM. But memory bandwidth is hypothetical, so it doesnt matter. Seventh point: my point is not moot, you just CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH! and chill dude

          • esan

            ha ha…that was awesome.

          • just_got_wicked


          • snecet

            really dude, “gay”. How bout you do humanity a favor worry less about the next gen console’s and more about how to be a person.

          • Ben Jones

            lol really now you are just digging a deeper hole for yourself the separate memory was why the ps3 was laggy at time and will be precisely why the xbox will be

        • deeboy17

          Like the writer was saying boosted specs is not innovation.

          • Ben Jones

            your right about that but with having more memory to work with and having it all unified it is innovation because no other system pc or otherwise has that

          • deeboy17

            Those same kind of graphic cards are now for sale from AMD.

          • Ben Jones

            actually mo they are not the max you can get without sli or crossfiring is only 4gb GDDR5 and thats the titan i believe

          • Ben Jones

            plus the innovation is being able to play your game b4 its fully downloaded, you can resume where you left on when you put your system on standby.

          • collin

            you can resume where you left off on the xbox too and can download in the background on the xbox. so whats your point?

          • deeboy17

            Dude there are several more powerful chips out there that aren’t in the ps4. It is not a super leap in tech. PC will always be more powerful and Microsoft will always have better software than Sony.

          • Ben Jones

            only when you have two graphic cards to power it my friend. there is not a graphics card made right now that has 8gb of GDDR5. and to an extent yes pc’s are more powerful they have to be so that they can do the things they do besides gaming but the ps4 unified the memory something that has been done yes but not on this scale. we truly dont know what its capable of except for the amt of gb and the number of compute units which makes the ps4 a great buy

          • deeboy17

            Until proven. I remain skeptical. Because hardware alone don’t mean crap without great software to push it and i don’t mean just games.

          • collin

            ok. so what other innovation does it bring to the table? cause you’re only argument right now is a spec sheet. convince me why the ps4 is better without using specs as a reason.

          • Zakk Sinurge

            what innovation does the xbone bring other then specs …. faster kinnect check
            whole bunch of fancy tv passthrough crap…..(or hit the input button on any standard cable remote very innovative)

            u can change channels with your voice AMAZING accept i can do that now with a uverse /comcast app for my iphone/android

          • just_got_wicked

            Xbox turn off

          • collin

            people won’t ever believe that though. haha thats all they think innovation is. I want a console that does more. not a console that does the same thing but faster. yes thats great but if thats all its giving me then im fine with my ps3. xbox all the way.

        • esan

          actually youre wrong, GDDR5 processes a lot more information, but at a slower rate, thats the trade off. I love how all the ps4 people are clinging onto that bit of spec as if it matters. “I have a v8 engine, so its faster than your v6.” lol. There are SO many more things that go into the performance of these things that most of us could never even begin to fully comprehend. The GDDR3 is faster, and MS is meticulous about making each piece of hardware as efficient as possible. Either way, both systems have PLENTY of resources available to efficiently process the tasks they need to. Despite how my comment started, ya id still place a bet that ps4 could probably edge xb1 out in performance, but the thing is, the only thing all that amounts to is ammo to use in arguments on the forums. Its the experience that matters. i pre ordered both, but im not going to fire up the ps4 and be like “Omg are you seeing the GDDR5 at work?!”

          • Ben Jones

            lol look its DDR3 not GDDR3 and no the mem speeds have been released btw and the xbone will be at 2333 while the ps4 will be at 5500 so yes the ps4 has the advantage this time around. did you know the ps4 will only be using 1gb for the os and the xbone will use 3gb so if you do your math the ps4 still has 7gb while the xbone will only have 5gb . MS has always had issues with hardware in the past anyways look at vista or win mill ?? plus MS has been sued multiple time for privacy violations and for stealing copyrights. Do you really want to do business with a company that does that?

          • esan

            Ya, Xbox’s OS takes a lot more memory, because it does a LOT more. Like i said, have fun with that spec sheet.

            (ps, every big company is constantly being sued over many things, esp copyrights, companies survive by the patent war. And Sony itself has been sued for privacy violations. Gathering your intel with an unbiased approach would you serve much better in these situations.)

            (…pps. systems are still being built, speed specs are still being optimized…see where this is going? What was released isnt final, not that it matters at all anyway)

          • Malkill Basdain

            I guess sony’s system takes a lot more memory

          • just_got_wicked

            A microsoft fan talking about privacy violations. LMAO

          • esan
          • YnotNDalton

            its not gddr3 tard its ddr3

          • just_got_wicked

            Yea efficient like the Xbox 360 breaking down or overheating so frequently.

          • snecet

            im sorry, is this a 360 conversation? Weird i thought we were talking about the new gen consoles. I think youre in the wrong thread dude.

        • collin

          ok dude lets break this down easily because obviously you forget things quickly. in this current generation the ps3 is the more powerful console easily. yet the xbox 360 is doing just fine in fact great because it offers great features other then power. Ok you can say all you want about what they can do with all this power and thats fine but the fact of the matter remains is that most people disregarding the 5% of real hardcore gamers want a console that will entertain them. they could care less about the specs of the console. if the console entertains them and they have a good time then they wont care. there won’t be a difference in the graphics the only exception is single player exclusives for the ps4 which is where you mightttt see a slight difference. but then again the amount of people that will buy only single player games on the next generation will not be that big because a lot of people are interested in the multiplatform multiplayer games that are coming out because that has the community. those games there will barely be a difference just like this gen. so go ahead buy a ps3 with better graphics cuz thats what you are getting with the ps4. I’ll buy the more futuristic and useful console in the xbox one. and by the way the GDDR5 has latency ok so its not as fast as you’ve been told. learn your facts on graphics please before you call authors and other people retards.

          • Brad Winter

            So your going to buy a console that does everything that has already been done. Wow, you can watch TV. Ohh shit. My Foxtel does that.
            DDR5 will run the HD alot better then any DDR3
            The PS4 has a next generation Graphics card to go along with that. Your going to pay all this money for a console that plays TV and lets u play without a controller. Mate, you can bye a PS3 to do ya gaming and stick to your little Box tv.

          • Matty922117

            The ps4 supports even 4k graphics the xbone supports 2160p, so technically it has double the resolution (granted you have a 80 inch screen tv)

          • Skeet

            4k and 2160p are the same thing!

          • just_got_wicked

            Wow have fun watching TV with your gaming console…. Am i the only one that thinks that sounds gay?

          • Matty922117

            Do you think people are buying more Xbox 360 because it’s better? NO, because it’s cheaper than the ps3, people couldn’t care less than specs, people care about money. The ps4 is cheaper and more powerfull. It will be the predominant console this generation.

        • Malkill Basdain

          you have no idea what the difference between GDDR and DDR is , nor do you have any idea what the capabilities of the ESRam is. And stop calling the kettle black.

    • buddynugget

      Usable memory is a matter of speculation at this point. Neither Sony nor Microsoft habe said anything official about how much memory is being used by the OS(s). If your to follow recent rumors the PS4 would have 6gb and XB1 with 5gb plus the 32mb sRAM cache which is actually very helpful but limited in its capacity. Point being those numbers were merely educated guesses and could prove to be false. Unless I missed the announcement in which case please post that link :D

      • Ben Jones

        yes your wrong bout the memory used by the ps4 it will have 7gb of GDDR5 free to power games as 1gb is used for os and the xbone will have only 5gb of DDR3 with the esram but the problem with the esram is that it will take time to utilize it meaning that it will be like the ps3 in terms of programming and lag time

        • chris

          Actually Sony announced 3.5gb will be used for their os there was like 5 articles on it.

    • Malkill Basdain

      wow don’t you feel dumb now

    • carb0nknight

      You obviously missed where Sony’s OS is going to take up 3gigs as well. PS4 developers will ahve 4.5gigs of ram plus 1gig of “flexible” ram

  • David Guay

    In regards to number 1, this is actually a pretty great idea, I must admit. However, from a technological standpoint, this feature surely isn’t one that ONLY Microsoft can carry out. It’s true Sony doesn’t seem to be thinking about doing this, but it isn’t impossible to think that this could be announced, at least as a post-release patch of some kind. This being said, number 1 is still definitely the strongest argument on the list.

    Number 2 talks about the new Kinect 2.0, which is supposedly far superior to the old model; something I believe to be true. Still though, how many truly great games were there for the first Kinect? Because I cant think of any. It was very interesting technology, but sadly, it was the dumping site for a ton of horrible shovel-ware. This brings the reputation of the Kinect down a lot, and I don’t see this changing even if the 2.0 is way better. For whatever reason, shovel-ware seems to flock to motion control, and I think this trend will continue on to next gen.

    Number 3 brings up the touchy subject of DRM. This would have ruined the Xbox One if Microsoft hadn’t finally realized those who wanted it were the vast minority, and removed all of the downright invasive features. Family sharing does have it’s benefits, and anyone would have to admit that sharing games long distance with friends or family digitally would be pretty awesome. But that same plan only allows you to trade your game ONE time! What use is that? Also, in this very article the author says that Microsoft is thinking of revisiting some DRM ideas down the road. This is awful news indeed, because it means Microsoft hasn’t learned it’s lesson after all, and very well may bring back ideas like, being rid of used games, and charging you fees if someone else comes in the room with you when your’e watching a movie. Some DRM issues were bearable, but the idea of Microsoft lulling potential consumers into a sense of false security only to re-implement wildly unpopular features after they purchased their product is fundamentally wrong, not to mention kind of insulting to the consumers.

    Number 4 on the list talks about the shiny new servers Microsoft says will be ready for next gen multiplayer games. Having 300,000 dedicated servers is no doubt incredibly impressive, and i’m sure the experience will be great. While it lasts that is. The sad truth is: all servers must come down eventually. So what happens when the next-next-gen comes out? I would bet anything that once Xbox One gets old, it’s servers will be taken down, leaving thousands of players unable to play their games. People new to gaming will never have a chance to play their childhood favorites after a few short years pass by. The servers are fantastic for now, but I feel like they won’t cut it in the long run.

    The last topic on this list is the often made fun of TV features. All in all I have to say this isn’t really a bad thing to have on a console. The problem comes when you realize that you can already get many of the things it offers anyway, without the console. People ALREADY CAN switch from TV to a game, so what difference does it make what sort of controller I use to do so? If you like Netflix or are into sports, then your’e in for a good time, but Microsoft is forgetting that the United States isn’t the only place in the world. Japan and the U.K have a massive amount of gamers waiting to buy a next gen console, and here is Microsoft offering Netflix and the NFL; things that barely exist for people living in other countries. In essence, Microsoft is making people in foreign countries to pay money for services that they cant use, or at least have absolutely no interest in.

    Not to mention that the hardware in the Ps4 is better AND cheaper. Xbox One isn’t even innovating at all, when you think about it. The Kinect 2.0 is just ‘a souped up’ Kinect 1.0, isn’t it?

    • deeboy17

      So you’re saying that instant switching and split screen multitasking isn’t innovative on a Console.
      Name another console that does that.

    • banooey

      we have got netflix in the uk what made you think we didnt?

      • David Guay

        Unsubscribe please

  • Just Chiming In

    1.) The reputation system seems promising, but I’ll reserve my final judgements for post-release. If it’s an algorithm based program, there’s no telling how long it will take to get it working efficiently on a scale as large as the community on Live. If it’s similar to the way reputation worked on the 360, then all hope is lost for those of us that play competitive games (e.g. Call of Duty, Battlefield, Madden, 2K) due to the nature of online players. I love the idea in theory.

    2.) Motion gaming is a gimmick. The future of games lies with the Oculus Rift and virtual reality, not Kinect 2.0 and faulty gesture control. I applaud Microsoft for trying something new, but this new is a novelty at best. It should also be noted that Oculus Rift support is all, but confirmed for the PS4, so they’re also “trying new stuff and not keeping it the same.”

    3.) If the articles on the topic are to be believed, Family Sharing was going to be a feature in which you could share a one hour demo with up to 10 people. After your friend’s one hour was up, he/she would be prompted to buy the game to continue or their fun was up. I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but I also don’t know why you think developers were going to essentially allow Microsoft to sell ten games for the price of one (90% sales loss). They’re a software company, not video game Jesus.

    4.) This is where my 360 killed my PS3. The difference in download times between Marketplace and PSN store purchases was pretty darn drastic. However, with PSN becoming a pay to play-online service, there’s no reason to believe they won’t upgrade their own server count.

    5.) I have a SMART TV, all the voice control features and the seamless switching between console and cable is already possible. This isn’t Microsoft being innovative, this is stealing ideas, labeling it as their own, and referring to it as “rocket science-level stuff.”

    I still have both consoles pre-ordered, but this was a pretty shitty article top to bottom. If you’re going to title your article “Xbox One Is Better Than PS4: Five Reasons to Agree and Disagree” then you might want to post the other half of the article that disagrees.

    • esan

      to your 2.) Youre def right “Motion Gaming” is absolutely a gimmick, thats why theyve bundled the Kinect2 with the new xbox, so it evolves into more than the gimmicks. Developers are already harnessing it to take gamers subtle natural body language theyre already doing and apply them in meaningful ways in the game. And the fact is, the controller has limitations, people are just used to them. Xb1 is going to be a true “Multi-Input” system now with the kinect2, the controller, voice, gesture all have their own input strengths and weaknesses depending on the scenario. Games arent going to go crazy with motion, controller will always rule most of that domain, but if a certain scenario calls for it, where sound or gesture makes more sense for a seamless integrated experience, that option is now always available.

      • Mike Fabre

        JCI is absolutely right. I am a GAMING fan and have owned many consoles from Colecovision to my pre ordered new console, which I will not mention because it makes NO difference. I have owned both the 360 and PS3 since their launches. I buy the GAMES I want because of my preference in their substance not what console they are on. Truth is, the only thing I found superior in xBox’s Kinect was it’s accessibility for use with PC and music software; I could have cared less about motion control. Nintendo is the ONLY console that has made games of worthwhile substance in that department. It should be noted that PS4 has the Move, so the fact that Kinect is mentioned as a reason to be superior is ridiculous. I will however, say that the majority of games I have purchased during the last gen were on PS3 simply because their exclusives appealed to me more. Truthfully there are very few exclusives left so this point is moot to begin with. I’m so tired of people trying to prove which console is better; neither is. Games drive gamers. And if you want to be honest, Oculus is the first of the next gens to come forth with something revolutionary since Wii introduced motion. Please people, PLEASE end the fruitless “my console is better than yours” debate. Sick of it!

        • snecet

          pretty spot on with most of your comment. The only grey area id say is trying to say the ps move is a comparable Kinect2 substitute. Any bias aside, removing the labels and seeing them for the pieces of technology they are, the kinect2 is just on a whole ‘nother level comparatively. Doesnt take much research to realize that.

          And just like esan said, since its “part” of the system now and the move is not, the ps move will continue to be just the gimmicky motion second hand experience while the kinect2 matures into more.

          couldnt agree more with the end of your comment though.

  • damian ibar

    This article is retarded,the ps4 is already more powerful,you will have the ability to use the cloud for the same things,instead of being forced to but the camera nobody wants,you have a choice,& can only buy the system which most gamers prefer,theres going to be a ton more games on ps4,already has been proven due to ms sexbox requiring a publisher for games,& its already been revealed that the always on camera will be used to data mine,as well as that microsoft wants to use theirsexbox to force ads on gamers,& have openly stated that they are happy they can now make billions off ads since they built it from the ground up to take advantage more of ads that consumers will be forced to watch while using their services,they also charge more for sexbox live,their controller is identicle to last gen,kinnect is worthless,its much better to use buttons or the touchscreen on ps4,the reputation system is already there on ps3 let alone ps4 plus ms has proven to only care about customers when it affects their bottom line,also the xbox is made from tons of parts from different companies(ring of death 2.0 waiting to happen) theres already 10x the developers making games for ps4,due to no need for publishers(unlike sexbox),this moronic article says ps4 is just a suped up ps3 yet the sexbox is almost identical to 360,same kinnect nobody wants or makes games for,same controller,same trying to screw customers until it hurts their wallets,& same charging 20% more on inferior hardware,only a sexbox fanboy would write such stup idity.

    • esan

      …huh? This the most hilarious attempt at a comment ive ever seen lol. Horrendously written, painfully uninformed regurgitation of biasedly interpreted mainstream media. Congrats, you’re officially a media tool.

  • Robert Thomson

    The ps4 and xbox one are going to be pretty much identical underneith, pretty much the same pc x86 based archetectire with some very small differences in the ram and maby some additional specialised processing units that have thrown into each console. other than that, they are both full HD, both have blu ray drives, both have storeage space, the biggest differences will be the OS, software and controller. personally im going to buy the ps4 first this time round. i had x360s for years but then didnt have consoles for a few years and just gamed on my pc, now i own my first ps3 in anticipation for GTA 5.
    Basically i like the look of the ps4 controller, i like the fact you can stream games to the ps vita in full quality over the network. PS network seems quite descent and online is free. Also being able to take over a friends game over the internet to help them through a level, like souped up remote desktop. that looks cool!! other than that i just want a gaming machine that works really well and has amazing graphics, and has a nice controller and nice fast software with good features that tie directly into the gaming console theme.

  • Robert Thomson

    Also my pc has 6GB of DDR3 ram at 1800mhz in triple channel, i only ever use 75% of this max in gaming with loads of apps running in the back ground, my GPU has 3GB of GDDR5 @ 6.6Ghz, 3GB, this is far more than u will ever need on a console for graphics memory. games coded on pc are way more hardware inefficient than console games.

  • Jorge Espinoza

    No way in gods green earth is Xbox 1 is going to be better then the ps4 I’m sorry buddy no chance at al

  • Relikk356

    Why is the PS4 a “souped up PS3″, and an Xbox1 revolutionary? There almost the same thing minus the HDMI input. That can be added via usb device. Its called “Play Tv” for PS3. Again, what’s the difference?

  • thegoods01

    Plain and Simple, all these so-called Xbox “advantages” are restrictions in my book.

  • stefan

    ps4 all the way

  • Alex Vidal

    Wow…i have always been a sony fan and always will be but i wasn’t ignorant like the author and the writers below me…i recognized the fact that the 360 was way better than my ps3 but i still bought the ps3 and enjoyed it…i will buy the ps4 regardless of which one is better and people who like the xbox should do the same but i thought they would atleast have some integrity and respect and just admit that AT LAUNCH the ps4 is way better than the xbox one for gamers…tv? i dont need nor do i want that in my console …thats why i pay for cable…which console will be better in the long run? thats where this article would have been is looking towards the future but the first few months the ps4 will clearly be superior..but why do i bother..the xbox one fans in this page seem desperate to cling on to that #1 spot xbox 360 has right now as if this was some sort of contest…either way…i hope one day these ignorant and stupid people realize that no matter what system they buy, they will get a console worth 20 times what they pay and will be worth every penny.

  • just_got_wicked

    Did Bill Gates write this freaking article or what. FAN BOY ALERT

  • Jeff Dion

    How about how microsoft blatantly showed disregard for its core gamer by placing virtually everything behind the pay wall. Disrespect to the military stating “No internet Connection, try the XBox 360″ not to mention the fact that even Though they have made some reversal as of late, hackers can still access your connect and view you in your living room. You really view Microsoft as an innovator? Or as I see them a money grubbing corporation and not very good at that either.

  • banooey

    microsoft have been left beaten and bloody by sony thats the way it is you fucked up microsoft you fucked up bad and whoevr designed that shitbox wants fired

  • Matty922117

    Ps4 is better, period. More powerfull hardware but less expensive (even the controller cost 30$ less), nicer design, more support for indie games, pro-consumer (instead of pro-money in Microsoft’s pocket). Who the hell cares that you can watch tv? I have satellite tv that I can assure you is better. Who wants to wave or talk at there tv like an idiot, your going to look even more like a nerd. I have never had a console, I’m a PC gamer and I will finally buy the ps4, so I’m not a playstation or Xbox fanboy and I think my decision is neutral and logical.

  • Antwon Johnson

    wait did M$ pay someone to write this bullshit ass review ???

  • Mitchell Jenkins

    Society and Religion… come on. Why is this article so poorly written. Is this an attempt to make Xbox supporters look unintelligent, uninformed or both.

  • Gino

    Actually Doug PS4 is using 3.5 for the OS do your research… pretty much the same as Xbox i am not going to count the extra 500mb cause it doesnt matter.

    • Lacerz

      Rumor, but possible. Devs are either saying that both systems run identical, or that the PS4 has a slight edge.

  • Lacerz

    I buy gaming consoles for the games. Over the life of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Sony has shown itself to be more about bringing consistently good games to its system. Hell, even this late in the PS3′s life, we’re still getting new I.P. (The Last of Us, Dust 514, Beyond: Two Souls, Dragon’s Crown, Pupeteer) and exclusives (Ni No Kuni, FFXIV, GT6, Ratchet & Clank, Tales of Xillia)… all in 2013! 360 owners got another Gears of War.

    Now the 360 is getting a Fable Anniversary edition, but the PS3 is getting the Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Edition.

    But there is always Halo… … …

  • Anime-4-_-Life

    Huh online for ps4 is free. You can still talk to all your friends you can also buy stuff and play the free online games for free and still use the internet for things. Also xbox isn’t really doing anything new. Ps4 is as its new controller has a touchscreen and a speaker. Also not to mention the chat where you can watch ur friends gameplay and even help them. You can even talk to others while watching it not to mention ps4 will have both cloud and party chat

  • Matty922117

    No one knows how much RAM will be dedicated for the OS, a fair guess is that the PS4 will keep 2GB for the operating system, the Xbox One will probably dedicate around 3GB because it will have all that TV crap and all those useless features that will just take away more RAM from the gaming. I can do all that movie and tv thing with my Apple TV. Another thing people here do not understand is that game developers do not have any problem in developing games when it comes to the CPU, the development of a game is bottlenecked by the GPU and by the graphic power of the console, and we all know that GDDR5 has more graphic potential than DDR3. I don’t think we will see a lot a differences between the graphics of the two consoles in the next few years, but remember that Sony and MS said that the consoles will last a decade, you will see that in four of five years when developers need more graphics power for there games they will be opting for the PS4 and THEN you will start to see a difference.